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I needed a platform where I could get a fair chance to compete

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Aspiring Minds: Tell us something about yourself and your career goals.

Nakul:  I was an average student in my college. But I always wanted to do a skill oriented job.           My goal was to get a job which will enrich my knowledge and skill and put me in the position of responsibilities.

Aspiring Minds: What difficulties did you face while searching for a job and how did you overcame those difficulties?

Nakul: The very common problem I faced was getting a job opportunity with less strict eligibility criteria. Most of the employers apply very strict academic criteria. I needed a platform where I could get a fair chance to compete in this never ending rat race. 

Aspiring Minds: Tell us about your experience post giving the AMCAT test and how AMCAT helped you in getting the job at Mphasis?

Nakul: After taking the AMCAT test, the first thing I experienced was the number of job openings. I used to visit my AMCAT dashboard everyday and almost every day there was a new job opening. AMCAT helped me by giving a chance to apply for jobs posted by India’s top most employers like Mphasis.

Aspiring Minds: Would you suggest other job seekers to take AMCAT? If yes, why

Nakul: I would like to suggest other job seekers to take AMCAT because AMCAT not only provides large number of job openings but also gives you a full employability feedback report. This report will help you to understand where you stand, what are your strengths & weaknesses and how to improve upon them.  

Aspiring Minds: Would you like to share some tips which can help other job seekers in getting a good job?

Nakul: Don’t ever compromise with skills and be patient.

-Nakul Yadav, Nasik Dist. Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj's College of Engineering, 2014 batch
Hired by MphasiS

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