How Our Resume Builder Works?



Choose from 35+ industry standard professional resume templates to get an edge at the first sight itself.



Use online resume maker - Resume Buddy’s AI and get recommended power verbs and word suggestions to build an effective resume.



Customize the sections as per your will and publish the resume to download a PDF version anytime, anywhere.



Get the job you always wanted. Make a cover letter and prepare for your interview using our predicted interview questions and resources.

How our resume maker helps you to create a winning resume

Easy to create

Online Resume Maker provides step-by-step guidance and suggestions will ensure that you create the most effective resume with minimum effort. A resume maker/ builder comes with a pre-formatted layout. Job searchers just needs to enter their information.

Add power to your resume

Online Resume Builder lets you choose from hundreds of perfectly written job description phrases to win over employers and recruiters covering all industries.

Choose Outstanding Templates

Get access to 35+ professionally designed ready-to-use resume templates with the online resume maker that will make your resume stand out from the crowd. Job applicants may go through the resume builders and choose a template that matches their requirements.

Resume Builder for all professional levels

Freshly graduated? Have years of experience? Build the perfect resume no matter what career stage you are at. By using resume maker, the people who are looking for jobs may end up creating more resumes in different templates than they could without the access to the builder.

Build a supreme cover letter

Does your cover letter make an impact? Charm recruiters by creating a powerful and crisp cover letter with Resume Builder.

Having a great resume can get you your dream job

Create a stunning, professional resume with just a few clicks.

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