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How Useful are Pre-Employment Personality Tests?

Are you finding it difficult to hire the appropriate person? To ensure top performance and posi..

Diversity in the Workplace

What is Diversity in the Workplace? Employing a wide range of people from various demographics ..

How to Improve English Communication Skills?

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the World. And improving skills in commun..

Smart Questions to Ask an Interviewer

It’s crucial to be able to ask insightful questions during interviews in addition to pro..

How to Skyrocket your Preparation for AMCATathon 2022?

Did you know that participating in coding competitions is a wonderful way to develop as a progr..

9 Common Mock Interview Questions and Answers

Candidates can assess their current level of ability and pinpoint their inadequacies by partici..

AMCATathon 2022 – An opportunity for Coders to showcase their skills!

AMCAT is excited to announce the launch of the most recent version of the Virtual Hackathon 2..

Synopsis of the Engineer’s Month Event – Transformers: Ace of Engineers&#..

As we all know, National Engineer’s Day is observed every year on September 15. This day ..

How to Answer the Interview Question, ‘Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?&#8..

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? is one of the most often asked interview questions. Who c..

Psychometric Tests: Look beyond the obvious

Psychometric tests are used by companies during their hiring process to validate candidates, co..

How to Improve your Employability Skills: AMCAT Employability Report

The qualities and abilities that make you a suitable candidate for a job are your employability..

A Step by Step Guide for Campus Placement Preparation

Campus placement is important for all those who are looking to get their first job. This usuall..

Facts & Future Of Engineers in India That You Must Know

If there is anything that is widely followed by people after religion, it’s Engineering. Not ..

Why Job Fit Matters and How to Assess it: AMCAT Employability Report

Not sure about the career profile you should pursue? Do not worry; we’ve got you covered!..

AMCAT Job Fair 2022: An Event to Remember!

As we all know that last 2 years have been quite challenging for us, due to the pandemic that ..

Discover your Personality Traits with the Employability Report

Employers will, obviously, consider your degree, but they’ll be more concerned with how e..

Celebrating our Nation’s Engineers this September

Can you think of a world without Engineers? Because that would mean a world where you won&#82..

How to Write a Job Acceptance Letter with Samples?

Have you recently received an offer for a new job and have chosen to accept it? How do you go a..

Transformers: Ace of Engineers’ – AMCAT Dedicates this September to Engineers..

Yes, Engineers are important for a country’s progress. Engineer’s Day is usually ..

Get Tips on your Strengths & Weaknesses: AMCAT Employability Report

The time in which we are at present, it is of utmost importance to know your strengths as well ..

How to Highlight Strengths in Resume?

In today’s time, it is crucial for job seekers to be aware of the qualities that employe..

Incredible Journeys of Exceptional Students | AMCAT Hall of Fame: July 2022

Hey, we are back with some good news again. We are here to announce the winners of July month o..

Why is the AMCAT Employability Report Important for Your Career?

One of the most important features of AMCAT is its feedback report. A lot of you must wonder w..

The Difference between a Resume and a Cover Letter

The best strategy to increase the number of job offers you receive is to submit a strong cover ..

AMCAT Syllabus: Meaning & Relevance!

Are you planning on evaluating yourself especially your skills, then what are you even waiting ..

Top 20 Fresher Interview Questions With Best Answers!

After making your way through the shortlisting process, your way ahead is dependant on your per..

Virtual Job Fair: Benefits & Importance!

We are back with good news! The wait is now almost over, just 1 week is left for the AMCAT Virt..

Impact of AI Impact on the Workplace!

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the working landscape. Technology has fast been rev..

What Should Be The Right Approach To Handle Promotion Over Peers?

Getting promoted is a big milestone in your professional career. Promotion does not mean just a..

How to Start Preparation For Placement Early in Your Graduation?

Since there are so many new graduates looking for work these days, one must put in a little add..

Ways To Earn Money When You’re Unemployed

Unemployment can turn out to be a stressful situation for any person. After the pandemic, hundr..

AMCAT’s Virtual Job fair – The Key To Find Your Perfect Job!

It’s not as easy to get a job as we assume, is it? Finding the proper opportunity needs p..

How To Become An Influencer On LinkedIn?

Social Media influencers have been on a rising scale for the past few years. Influencers share ..

How To Answer “Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job?”

The most commonly asked question during a job interview by a recruiter is “Why do you want to..

 5 reasons why your resume is not getting shortlisted

At the time of preparing your resume and talking about your skills and experiences, it is alway..

Inclusivity Will Be In Limelight!

Competition is rising in every space, making long-term loyalty for a particular brand difficult..

How To Negotiate With Your Boss To Shorten Your Notice Period?

Now that you’ve finally received an offer after appearing for several job interviews. Serving..

Twitter To Transform Into A Trustworthy News Portal

Social media is becoming a prime source of our daily news. Social channels are no longer used j..

How to survive in a fast-paced workplace?

If you prefer working in a fast-paced workplace this might be an exciting and inspiring exper..

Have you just graduated, and looking out for job opportunities?

Anyone looking for a job may find the process stressful and challenging, but it can be tough f..

Why To Hire Freshers?

A large pool of resources is available in the market; among them, deciding the best fit for the..

Why Mental Health Is Important At Workplace?

The importance of mental health is not a new concept that has come post-pandemic. This idea exi..

6 Skills In Resume For Freshers To List

At the time of applying for a job, always keep in mind that the competitor candidates have many..

6 Things To Consider While Changing Jobs

That time is gone now when anyone who used to begin their career would join a company and will ..

How Beneficial Are Online Quizzes?

Wondering how to make your presence right from the beginning of your career in this fast-paced ..

Performance Appraisal Questions And Answers To Ace Your Review

Feedback is essential to identify strengths and weaknesses. In every organization, performance ..

How to Overcome the Fear of Interviews?

Let us begin this article by telling you that you’re not alone if your hands shake and yo..

Importance Of Certifications In Technology Industry

In today’s competitive job environment, adding a Certification can go a long way in advancing..

Practices You Must Follow To Clear Your Job Interview

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, preparing and giving a job interview ..

Video Content: Future of social media?

Social Media is no longer solely used to connect with friends and family but has rather now bec..

Not Getting Enough Interview Calls? AMCAT Is Here At Your Service

Hello, job seekers. There may be times in life when something comes up when you begin your s..

7 Email Etiquettes To Be Followed At Workplace

Using best practices for email etiquette, regardless of where you are in your career at the pre..

Chatbots’ Role in Digital Marketing

Chatbots help companies to engage with customers and potential clients twenty-four hours a day..

5 things which you should never say in a job interview

Did you know that knowing what not to say is just as important as knowing what to say in a job ..

6 employment trends that will shape the future of jobs

Employee engagement is a difficult notion to grasp. It’s the “emotional connection&..

Looking for a job but can’t figure out why you haven’t got the right one?

The success of finding the right job is influenced by your qualifications, the current employme..

What is the purpose of a cover letter, and why is it important?

Employers require you to submit your resume and submit it as part of the application procedure..

Impact & future of industry 4.0 on professional life

New technology is increasingly being adopted by the worldwide labour market. New technology mak..

3 Common Misconceptions about Networking

Networking is a vital aspect of your professional life. Having a good network can keep you upda..

Relevance of English Language for Effective Communication

In today’s time is important to have appropriate language skills to get a job. You&#821..

Role of AMCAT In Bridging The Gap Between Companies And Students

Today’s job market is highly competitive, and academic achievements alone will not be e..

5 Strategies To Increase Your Chance Of Getting A Dream Job

When searching for a job, it’s normal to feel as if your application is being pulled int..

Avoid These Mistakes In Your New Job

Starting a new job may be both thrilling and terrifying. It allows you to start anew, learn ne..

Are you a fresher and on the lookout for a job?

Searching for work may be stressful and challenging for anyone, especially for someone who has..

How to Get Through an Interview Using Keywords in Your Resume?

Making your resume stand out in an age where resumes are many becomes crucial. When you’..

How driverless Cars Will Alter Our World?

People are afraid of losing control. That is one of the reasons why so many of us are much mor..

How To Survive In A Competitive Job Market?

To stand out in a competitive job market, all that you need is a perfect balance of educati..

First Ever Newsletter “AMCAT Bulletin”

Any guesses what is happening this month? Hold on to your regular day-to-day activities, becau..

5 Body Language Tips For Your Next Interview

The way you present yourself at a job interview is just as crucial as what you say. For interv..

Speak Up! 5 Tips To Make Yourself Heard In Meetings

Meetings are a must in the office, whether you like them or not. It’s usually where mino..

What Should An Ideal Employability Test Consist Of?

What is an Employability Test? Employment tests are the most effective technique used to deter..

Interview Secrets You Wish You Had Known Earlier

An interview is an ultimate test in the corporate world for determining a candidate’s qu..

Benefits & Future Of Green Energy

  Green Energy is a priority discussion topic today for many governments, businesses, and..

Here are 7 reasons why AMCAT is the ideal employability test?

It is quite difficult to succeed in today’s competitive market, and you must impress th..

Evolution and Future of Job Interviews With Mock-AI

Meeting the interviewer and settling into the interview space take up the first several minute..

4 Best Certification Courses For Freshers

Certification can be a good base point for a job interview, but before you apply for a job, y..

Covid-19’s Impact On Employment

We all very well know that the pandemic affected more young people than adults, with the effec..

5 Common Remote Working Challenges

Remote working may appear to be the business revolution we’ve all been waiting for, but ..

Everything You Must Know About Entry-Level Tech Jobs

  Consider applying for a suitable position if you’re looking for a job in engineer..

Returning To Office? Here Are Some Suggestions For You

Life is coming back to normal now and as more offices reopen, you must be prepared to go back ..

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