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Role of AMCAT In Bridging The Gap Between Companies And Students

Today’s job market is highly competitive, and academic achievements alone will not be e..

5 Strategies To Increase Your Chance Of Getting A Dream Job

When searching for a job, it’s normal to feel as if your application is being pulled int..

Avoid These Mistakes In Your New Job

Starting a new job may be both thrilling and terrifying. It allows you to start anew, learn ne..

Are you a fresher and on the lookout for a job?

Searching for work may be stressful and challenging for anyone, especially for someone who has..

How to Get Through an Interview Using Keywords in Your Resume?

Making your resume stand out in an age where resumes are many becomes crucial. When you’..

How driverless Cars Will Alter Our World?

People are afraid of losing control. That is one of the reasons why so many of us are much mor..

How To Survive In A Competitive Job Market?

To stand out in a competitive job market, all that you need is a perfect balance of educati..

First Ever Newsletter “AMCAT Bulletin”

Any guesses what is happening this month? Hold on to your regular day-to-day activities, becau..

5 Body Language Tips For Your Next Interview

The way you present yourself at a job interview is just as crucial as what you say. For interv..

Speak Up! 5 Tips To Make Yourself Heard In Meetings

Meetings are a must in the office, whether you like them or not. It’s usually where mino..

What Should An Ideal Employability Test Consist Of?

What is an Employability Test? Employment tests are the most effective technique used to deter..

Interview Secrets You Wish You Had Known Earlier

An interview is an ultimate test in the corporate world for determining a candidate’s qu..

Benefits & Future Of Green Energy

  Green Energy is a priority discussion topic today for many governments, businesses, and..

Here are 7 reasons why AMCAT is the ideal employability test?

It is quite difficult to succeed in today’s competitive market, and you must impress th..

Evolution and Future of Job Interviews With Mock-AI

Meeting the interviewer and settling into the interview space take up the first several minute..

4 Best Certification Courses For Freshers

Certification can be a good base point for a job interview, but before you apply for a job, y..

Covid-19’s Impact On Employment

We all very well know that the pandemic affected more young people than adults, with the effec..

5 Common Remote Working Challenges

Remote working may appear to be the business revolution we’ve all been waiting for, but ..

Everything You Must Know About Entry-Level Tech Jobs

  Consider applying for a suitable position if you’re looking for a job in engineer..

Returning To Office? Here Are Some Suggestions For You

Life is coming back to normal now and as more offices reopen, you must be prepared to go back ..

AMCAT vs AMCAT Premium: What’s the Difference Between The Two?

The coronavirus outbreak has forever altered the globe. Going out to eat, working at the offic..

How To Answer Interview Question “Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years”

  The question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” is a tricky question asked in..

Here Is How To Get A Job During Campus Placements

How do you set yourself apart from the crowd? The answer is simple: “Do something nobody..

A Complete Guide to Answering The Interview Question “Tell Me About Yourself&#8..

Do you have a big interview coming up? If you’ve made it to the interview stage, you&#82..

How To Negotiate For Multiple Job Offers?

Receiving numerous job offers is great, and having to choose between them can be difficult and..

How To Make Your Professional Goals A Reality This Year?

Anyone attempting to achieve a big goal will experience difficulties, which is natural. Any ti..

Which Is Better: WFH, WFO, or Hybrid?

On a global scale, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we work and travel in ..

In 2022, These Are The Top Programming Languages That Will Prevail

Programming languages are computer languages that are used to communicate with computers by de..

3 Movies Which Teaches You Job Interview Techniques

  Job interviews are typically nerve-wracking, sometimes even frightening, and rarely amu..

Create Your Own Resume With AMCAT’s Resume Buddy

Whether you’ve recently graduated from college or are about to do so, this comprehensive..

Why do Recruiters Use Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric tests assist organizations to make well-informed recruiting selections by streaml..

Tips To Speed Up Your Job Search In 2022

Are you on the lookout for a new job? Do you wish you had a magic wand to wave and make your j..

Must-Have Skills To Get A Premium Job Without Any Experience

When it comes to jobs and job preparation, the tool – AMCAT Premium – is a one-sto..

Hot Job Opportunity For ECE/CS/IT & M.E 2022 Batch!

Searching for a job opportunity may be stressful and difficult for anyone, especially for some..

Are You Looking For New Job Opportunities?

We all desire to have the best available fresher job opportunity after graduation, especially ..

Why IT Jobs Are In High Demand And How To Get One?

  Certain skill sets are essential for any career, but you must also have the ability to ..

The Secret Formula To Get A Job In Top MNC With AMCAT

  MNC Jobs in India include excellent pay and benefits, exciting job assignments, and the ..

Why Zensar Is The Right Pick For 2022 Batch?

Nowadays, running a business without an app or a website is nearly impossible, as websites ena..

Personalize Your Resume In 2022 With AMCAT

Building a CV from the scratch is a challenging task, especially if you’re seeking a job..

The Ultimate Guide To Select The Right Assessment Tool

Finding a suitable job is not an easy task and has never been one. But one can get a successfu..

When Should One Start Preparing For AMCAT Exam?

The time that we are into today is extremely competitive, and just the academic scores are not..

How Challenging It Is To Score Well In AMCAT Exam?

In today’s competitive world it is very difficult to score well, and you need more than your..

How To Improve Your Interview Preparation Skills With Mock-AI

Getting your resume shortlisted and getting a job interview call is the very first step toward..

Role of AMCAT Certificates In Getting A Job During Pandemic

AMCAT Certificates are the best ones to get yourself certified in a particular job skill that ..

How To Check Your AMCAT Result With Your AMCAT ID?

Have you already taken the AMCAT test, and now you are keenly waiting to check your results? W..

How To Choose A Career?

How to choose a career? This sounds like a simple question but, it is one of the toughest to a..

Common Interview Questions Asked During A Technical Interview

If you are considering pursuing a career in the tech industry, it is important to know that a ..

Video Assessment Tool And How It Boosts Confidence Before Interview

A video interview is an interview conducted via video, rather than over the phone or in pe..

Best AMCAT Certificates That Can Help In Finding Your First Job

Did you just graduate, and thinking about how to add certain skills and certifications to your..

Relevant Skills That A Fresher Should Have To Get A Job In MNC

The COVID pandemic has impacted everyone’s job search remarkably, therefore getting a high-pa..

Fresher Job Opportunity: A Chance To Work With Zensar

Searching for a job opportunity is one thing that makes everyone worried and stressed, especia..

How To Brush Up Your English Before An Interview?

The era which we are living in, every morning begins with a message to our loved ones, hence En..

 Why To Take Prep Amcat Before Sitting For Campus Placement Drives?

Getting yourself prepped up for campus placement is the first and foremost step in preparing fo..

How To Build A Successful Career With AMCAT?

Have you ever wondered – “What are your career goals”, or “What do you want to become w..

Are You Looking For Top Job Search Engines In India?

Gone are the days when job seekers used to walk around with copies of their resumes and used to..

Useful Tips For LinkedIn Profile Improvisation

Are you looking for tips to improvise for your LinkedIn profile? Do not worry, we have got you ..

5 Key Employability Skills Which Every Employee Must Have

In simple words, Employability Skills are the skills that are required by an individual to make..

AMCAT Ambition Contest Application Process- A Comprehensive Overview

AMCAT Ambition contest application process is the foremost step towards participation. It invol..

All About AMCAT Ambition Contest 2021- Complete Roadmap

AMCAT Ambition contest is a holistic competition that is uniquely designed to acknowledge one&#..

AMCAT Registration Process- Stepwise Procedure, Eligibility Criteria and Important Fe..

AMCAT registration is done in two ways. Either by using the Email ID or by using Social Media a..

AMCAT Computer Science Module – Detailed Preparation Tips

AMCAT Computer Science Module comprises important topics such as computer operating system, DBM..

Who can take the AMCAT exam? Why is it important?

AMCAT exam is an employability test that is used by prominent recruiters to find the right tale..

Frequently Asked Questions About The AMCAT Exam

Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test or the AMCAT exam is an employability assessment that bri..

Can You reschedule Your AMCAT Exam? How Many Times Can You Do It?

Reschedule AMCAT exam The AMCAT exam is known to help candidates bag their dream job and get se..

Sharing Your AMCAT Exam Score On LinkedIn Means More Opportunities

You must have heard a lot about the AMCAT exam. What it is, how you can take it and what are th..

The Hows and Whys, From AMCAT to Mock-AI: Nailing Job Interviews

The journey from AMCAT to Mock-AI to help you stand out. You all are already familiar with AMCA..

What Is The AMCAT Exam All About It? Who Can Opt For It?

What is the AMCAT exam? Find out… The AMCAT exam has changed the face of the job market. ..

Off-Campus Jobs You Can Apply For Right Now

The way to start your career amid the pandemic is by applying to off-campus jobs. There are a ..

Job Interview Preparation Tips (According To Profile)

  Even during the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are still on a lookout for potenti..

What Is The Validity Of The AMCAT Exam?

Starting your career amid the pandemic can be frustrating and challenging. However, with the A..

What Is The Difference Between AMCAT And AMCAT Premium

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down and hiring managers are using the AI..

Prepare For Your Job Search With Free AM Certifications

Start your job search with AMCAT certifications As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip the ..

What Is The Right Time To Start Preparing For AMCAT Exam

In this fiercely competitive corporate world, you need more than just your academic scores to ..

Apply For Job In WhiteHat Jr, Edureka, PeryCap, Rupeek Fintech and Winfo With AMCAT

AMCAT acts as a bridge between job seekers and recruiter. Through the AMCAT exam, you can show..

What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs You Should Apply For?

Work from home job opportunities Due to the coronavirus pandemic, employees are working remotel..

Top 10 IT Companies That Accept Your AMCAT Score

Top 10 IT companies that are using AMCAT to hire the best talent AMCAT is the best AI-powered e..

Can AMCAT Help You On Your Job Search For Experienced Candidates?

Fresher or experienced, AMCAT will help you in your job search The job search various for both ..

What Is The Average AMCAT Score You Need For A Good IT Jobs

Good AMCAT score for IT jobs The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the business world, with emp..

How To Prepare For The AMCAT Exam – Tips And Complete Plan

Get a good score in AMCAT exam Everyone is trying to live and operate in this pandemic induced ..

Work From Home Jobs During COVID-19. Get Salaries Up To 6 LPA

Best remote career options Companies are operating and recruiting remotely to stop the spread o..

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