What Can Your First Job Teach You?

What Can Your First Job Teach You?


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First job is special as well as challenging in so many ways. Not only is it the start of a new phase of your life, but is full of hurdles, expectations, challenges and, most importantly, lessons.

Yes, your first job teaches you so many things that you can absorb to succeed in your career.

Your first job experience is not only exceptional in terms of the sense of achievement but is also the foundation for your entire career ahead.

So, here’s a guide for you based on first job tips from experts in the industry:



You need to take hold of your own life

Life before jobs is somehow passive as you are supposed to do assigned tasks at college, and study well. But as soon as you get into your first job, you realize that you need to take hold of your own life. It is your choice to drive your career yourself or just go behind others blindly and aimlessly.

It means that you need to make the right decisions for your career. No one is accountable for your actions.

Your first job experience gives you ample opportunities for you to understand this but ultimately it is upon you on how early you grasp it and take the right route.



Your first job isn’t necessarily what you want in life

It is possible that you are doing what you always wanted to do without even getting any first job advice about what and how to do. You were sure about your job roles and confident about your career choice. But often people realize it only after spending considerable time in their job that it is not for them.

In fact, it might come up as an epiphany. It isn’t scary and it is still pretty early so if you realize it too, during your first job, it’s time to take the leap and jump into what you are really interested in.

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Bosses are not (necessarily) your teachers

This is a common disappointment for most people in their first jobs. They are used to teachers in college and university who were kind and forgiving most of the time. Even if they were strict, they were considerate.

But during your first job experience, you realize that bosses, most of the times, are nothing like your teachers. They are here to get their work done and not take up your tantrums and excuses.

Some people might be lucky to find a teacher in a boss, but the definition is still very dissimilar.



Attitude and Aptitude are two vital pillars uplifting your career or vice-versa

One of the best first job tips anyone can give you is regarding attitude management. And if you observe it carefully, you will agree that your attitude can very much make or break any professional agreement.

The necessity of aptitude is pretty obvious to get the job done, but attitude matter just as much, if not more. If you manage to learn this in your first job you are pretty much set to take the storm ahead.



There needs to be a fine line between professional and personal

In college life, there is hardly any differentiation of your academics with personal. Your friends were at college, and them, along with your studies and family formed your entire life. But it is only your first job that teaches you to identify the fine line that separates professional and personal.

And it is important to absorb the lesson to succeed in your career. To understand this and balance both aspects of your life is the key to a content and happy life.



You need to be stingy sometimes

Being called a miser or a stingy person was embarrassing till now when you were living on your pocket money. But as you start earning yourself and are responsible for your own finances, you understand the importance of being stingy at times.

You can’t always be spendthrift and it is okay to keep a balance between your credits and debits.

In fact, it is one of the most important things your first job teaches you. To be able to manage your finances well is indeed something a person should learn early in life.



Networking is a lifeline

The world is connected like never before and in order to survive in the contemporary world, you need to follow the rule as an individual as well. Unless you want to stick to your first job and do nothing more, networking is a necessity.

Networking is often misinterpreted. It is not just about being in contact with people or making worthless connections but building long-term relationships and a good reputation in the market. As early as you start doing it, the more you will get out of it.



Smart work is more appreciated than loads of work

It is through mistakes that people learn the most. And this lesson is frequently learned by one or more of your mistakes in your job.

Someone putting in extra efforts, day and night, may not get any appreciation or get noticed for their hard work. On the other hand, however, executing your work smartly without giving any overtime at the office may just fetch you enough recognition to boost your career.

You might work on a project with all your hard work but if you are working on someone else’s idea, they are going to get most of the credit and you can’t help it.

It somehow links with the first point we mentioned in this segment. You have to be the driver of your own career. Be the one with the ideas and not the one who is shaping others’ ideas.

We aren’t saying that don’t work hard, but think smartly so that your hard work pays you off well.



It is important to compete with self before the other

Out of human instinct, we start competing with our colleagues as soon as we are into our first jobs. Apparently, several first job tips would point out this fact in order to gain recognition at workplace.

But if you are observant enough, your first job reflects clear signs on how competing with self and being better than what you were yesterday is more important than competing with others.






When it comes to career and life lessons, your first job has a lot to offer. You just need to keep your eyes open and observe all these lessons because they won’t come directly like your mathematics class. The most important part is to accept these lessons, incorporate the learning, and utilize them to keep climbing the ladder to success, be it in the same industry or something else.

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