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Writing a cover letter is an art, literally. And, you need to master this art, especially if you want to succeed and get the job interview call that you so crave for!

Do the stories of successful entrepreneurs inspire you? You do want to achieve something similar and move beyond the drag of everyday jobs? Yes? Then you should know all about incubation centres and what they can mean for your big dreams.

Ready to score big during off-campus placements? Then know how to make the most of the off-campus season and get the job you so desire.

What is a resume headline? Why are resume headlines so important? How can you perfect the art of writing catchy resume headlines?

AMCAT provides a fair platform for aspirants and employers to judge everyone on the same level. Not only off-campus placements, these opportunities include on-the-fly...

Inching towards the end of your academic year and wondering which one is better? Trying to find an answer to the "off-campus vs on-campus placements" debate raging in your head? In this blog, we cover which of the two is tougher and how you can prepare for both.

If you are not prepared, the lessons that your first job teaches you might stump you and make you question everything you know. So, know what to expect and learn from your first job to make the most of what you get.

A report submitted towards the end of year 2017 has some enlightening thoughts and findings that attract our attention. The report called ‘Future of...

Missed out a job chance during your campus hiring? Well, fortunately enough, this is not the end of the world. Moreover, the market is...

There is no end to learning. The process goes on as long as you need to practically apply your knowledge to use. Especially in...

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