How To Prepare For A Multiple Stage Job Interview

How To Prepare For A Multiple Stage Job Interview


multiple stage job interview


A job interview is the final stage of testing before you get any job. You are nervous and scared, especially if you are a fresher. And then comes into the scene a multiple stage job interview. It’s not only the interviews that multiply in a multiple stage job interview but also the anxiety and fear. To say the least, it gets on your nerves.

But if expert interview preparation tips are followed sincerely, it all gets easier to a greater extent.

Preparing for a multiple stage job interview is similar to preparing for a single job interview but you need to be more patient and bearing.

Let’s see how you can do that without losing your wits:


Research about the company and its recruitment process

It is one of the most important interview preparation tips. You need to research about the company to know about them and their recruitment process. Firstly, in a multiple stage job interview, you would be questioned about the company in at least one of the stages.

Other than that, researching will let you know about the various stages of the interview. Once you know what stage is about what, the preparation becomes easier.

It’s like a mock interview happening, over and over, just that the interviewer keeps changing. People share their interview stories online and you should be taking benefit out of them.


Work on your body language

Body language is to be taken care of because personal interviews are largely about them. You may know all the answers but if you seem to be dull and inactive it makes a very bad impression.

So, perfect your posture, be active during all stages in a multiple stage job interview, and make eye contact with the interviewers.

Taking a mock interview such as MocAI can help you perfect all these.

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Prepare for everything multiplied into the number of stages

In a multiple stage job interview, you might require to submit your resumes and other documents multiple times. So, always show up prepared. Take multiple copies of your documents.

Also, if the stages are divided into different days, ensure that you have proper professional attires ready if the interviews are back to back in a couple of days.

You need to multiply your enthusiasm as well. As you go through stages, it might be tiring, but don’t let it show on your face or body language inside the interview room. Wash your face and freshen up if required but don’t show up with an exhausted and irritated look on your face.


Take Practice Interviews

Now thankfully, just like written examinations, you can practice for your job interviews you. Taking a mock interview is now as easy as solving a sample paper.

This will help you by asking common questions asked during interviews and also produce a report card with interview preparation tips including all shortcomings which need to be worked upon whether it is about the questions and answers or your body language.

As mentioned earlier, amcat’s MockAI is the best available tool to practice your interview preparation.





A multiple stage job interview might seem to be a scary process but in reality, it is just a series of interviews where the interviewers test different aspects of your candidature.

Instead of including it all in a single interview, it is divided into several specialised interviews. You just need to understand the concept and keep up your spirits throughout the process.