Employment Outlook: State of Fresher Jobs in Healthcare in 2017

Employment Outlook: State of Fresher Jobs in Healthcare in 2017

All you need to know about finding fresher jobs in healthcare in India. (Image: News East West)
All you need to know about finding fresher jobs in healthcare in India. (Image: News East West)

Healthcare jobs aren’t only about Doctors and Nurses, the industry offers hundreds of other positions that practically carries the operations in the healthcare sector. Let’s have a look at the state of jobs in healthcare in India while focusing on fresher jobs.

The healthcare industry isn’t restricted to a few designations as one would normally believe. In fact, it is a combination of all sectors that in some way provides goods and services for the care and cure of patients.

Market Outlook for fresher jobs in healthcare:

The healthcare industry of India as at its best pace right now. The industry has grown approximately to a 54,000 lakh crore business in 2013 and till 2020, a 17 percent growth is estimated. This will create around 40 million new jobs by 2020 as per a report created by a reliable source.

Situations impacting jobs in the sector:

1. Rise in Healthcare expenditure

The growth of the industry is due to the coverage it now gets and the increasing expenditure over healthcare services. The growth demands increased services and then naturally create vacancies to take up.

2. Medical Tourism:

Medical tourism in the country is also growing tremendously. India has an advantage over other developing countries in this aspect. As medical treatment in India costs about a fraction of that in developed countries, people increasingly prefer it as a medical treatment destination, creating more jobs to manage the sector.

3. Fight against disease and poor healthcare:

There’s a prevailing disease burden on the country as the growing and ageing population requires proper health care. This along with economic development and increasing health awareness is also responsible for creating so many job opportunities in the industry.

Increase/Decrease in Fresher Jobs:

Healthcare jobs in 2017 are supposed to increase given the trends but the increase would be bent more towards the private sector. Though healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors both in terms of revenue and employment, the industry is dominated by the private sector hence more jobs are centered there.

There are big names in the list like Apollo, Max, Excorts, etc. which offers good opportunities to fresher aspirants without compromising the pay scale. Job security is up to the mark though.

Top 5 job profiles in healthcare in demand:

There is a significant change in trends when it comes to the profiles in demand in the medical industry. As people are getting more aware and preferring alternative services, the list comes out as follows:

1. Physicians and Surgeons:

As is very obvious, the industry runs most importantly with the help of physicians and surgeons who examine the patients and further decides on the next action to be followed. With the industry growing, their demand isn’t coming to a stop anywhere near.

If you have passed out from an esteemed medical college with good marks your prospects are great. If from one of the lesser known private institutions, you can consider getting an additional qualification from govt. institutions or foreign programs. This continues to be the highest paid job in the industry.

2. Paramedical Professionals:

Though the profession of paramedical professionals had always been undermined in a country like India. The new aware generation is accepting it eagerly, making it one of the best profiles in the industry. Among those in demand, nutritionist and physical therapist are the most in demand. Considering the poor diet of the country with increasing malnutrition on one hand and obesity on other, nutritionist play an important role to gain that balance.

Physical therapists are much more depended upon now for pain management and orthopedic treatments. Even after every orthopedic surgery these days, a course of physical therapy is advised for speedy recovery. With increasing demand, the pay scale is also rising.

3. IT Professionals:

This is comparatively a newly created vacancy to meet the needs of the highly technology dependent era. IT applications are used in the health sector for social sector schemes on a large scale.

Even hospitals which come under govt. insurance are IT-enables and connected to servers in remote districts. Additionally, private sector hospitals are also increasingly making use of IT applications to serve their customers. Therefore, the demand of IT professionals in the industry has suddenly come to a rise.

4. Radiologists:

Radiology is now the most preferred method/technique to detect diseases in the human body. Given the number of such technique based detection has increased over the years, the demand of radiologists have increased. The pay depends on the institution you work with.

5. Managers:

Yes, managing is required even in the medical industry, equally, or even more, as is required in business firms. As the sizes of health care centers are increasing and chains are being opened, there is an increased requirement of managers in the sector.

As can be concluded from all above aspects, the healthcare jobs are sure to rise as the medical industry is at its peak and is forecast to be on the growing side for the coming years.

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