Fresher Jobs in Auto sector (Automobiles and Auto Ancilliaries) in 2017

Fresher Jobs in Auto sector (Automobiles and Auto Ancilliaries) in 2017

Fresher jobs for engineers are in abundance, but to find the right one for yourself is a task. Let’s unravel the state of fresher jobs in auto sector.

The state of Fresher jobs in auto sector for the year 2017. (Image: HT)
The state of Fresher jobs in auto sector for the year 2017. (Image: HT)

So, fresh out of college with a degree in hand but still confused what’s next? With the jobs in IT sector dominating the Indian market; it’s often difficult for fresher aspirants from other fields to get a suitable job. But with the increasing advancement in automobile industry, fresher jobs in auto 2017 are as desirable, as other engineering fields, if not for more.

Looking closely at the market trends, it can be seen that the automobile industry is growing at a rapid rate. It’s not only the finished product that’s in demand, but the auto-components industry of India is flourishing well, creating many jobs for fresher aspirants. The introduction of the GST policy by the government is supposed to be a setback for the companies but it is forecasted to be resolved by the end of the year.

Moreover, based on latest reports, the auto component industry is expected to grow by 8-10% in the bracket of 2017-18, hence creating more auto jobs.

The same reasons are to impact the availability of fresher jobs in 2017. The Government of India’s automotive Mission Plan (2006-16) has also come along a long way to push the sector further and create more job opportunities. Given the growth rate expected, the industry will require more workforces to sync with the requirements and is supposed to look out for fresher aspirants for the same.

Moving to vacancies, while a huge number of jobs are going to be there, some profiles are going to bag more than the others.

Hottest job roles amid fresher jobs in Auto:


The automobile industry is at its experimental best. Most of the big companies introduce a new line of vehicles every year which calls in for automobile scientists to aid with the research and development of the new vehicle. It takes 2-3 years on an average to work on the finalization of a new vehicle. Therefore, there’s a good demand of automotive scientists in the industry. Even though fresher jobs are there, only people in the later stages or towards the completion of their academic research in the relevant field is preferred. The pay scale is pretty much the best one can get with this qualification.

Automotive designers:

After the research and development of a product/vehicle is done, the specifications are then presented to the automotive designers who design the outer layer of the product. They design everything that one gets to see at first. In short, they create the first impression

In short, they create the first impression one’s going to have of the vehicle. Given the demand of designer cars, the demand of automotive designers is equally there in the industry.

Automobile Engineers:

Then is the real work of putting it together. Automobile / mechanical engineers are the backbone of automobile industry. So, when the industry is flourishing, the job requirement is surely going to shoot up.

Industrial Engineers:

Fresh graduates in Industrial and Plant Engineering are also going to benefit from the increasing number of jobs in the automobile industry. The profile is important for the running of day to day operations in automobile plants and hence calls in for quite a number of vacancies from each of the big companies.


Auto ancillaries are as much important for the advancement of the industry. It’s not only engineers who benefit from a good statistics for the industry, but also fresher job aspirants from the commerce/management stream.

The highest paid job in auto industry definitely is bagged by the scientists and engineers, production planners for the manufacturing process are also in high demand and offered the best remuneration in the industry.If you are graduating from the automobile stream this

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