Industry Profile: State of Fresher Jobs in Aviation in 2017

Industry Profile: State of Fresher Jobs in Aviation in 2017

Ready to fly high after so many years of hard work? Then go through our compilation of fresher jobs in aviation that you can apply for in 2017.

All you need to know about fresher jobs in aviation in 2017. (Image: AP Atlantic)
All you need to know about fresher jobs in aviation in 2017. (Image: AP Atlantic)

To start on a very positive note, the Indian aviation industry is at its growing best at the moment and aiming to reach the list of top three by the year 2026. So, the industry is creating a large spectrum of fresher jobs in Aviation – giving a smooth flight to the career of fresher job aspirants in the aviation industry.

The increase in jobs is not only due to the increase in passenger traffic but also a significant growth in the cargo sector. The domestic air traffic is expected to grow by 25% in the financial year 2017-18.

As of the job scenario, government policies encouraging aviation industry is really good news. With a green flag from the government to start new routes and the approval of a number of airports across the country, the domestic jobs in aviation are sure to shoot up.

Keeping in consideration the growing sector and the number of aviation jobs in question, there are certain job profiles which are going to benefit the most.

These are the top 5 fresher jobs in aviation:

Pilots –

Well, quite evidently, with the growth in aviation sector, even if it is domestic, international, or commercial, the requirement of efficient pilots will be there. Moreover, it’s one of the highest paid jobs in aviation.

Though fresher jobs aren’t very easy to get as pilots are required to have some definite experience in flying, you can take up training for the same and take off your career with any of the big airlines.

Aerospace Engineers-

That’s why engineering is such a popular career choice for a huge number of students in India. Engineers have a job to do in almost every industry of the contemporary world.

Even in the aviation industry, aeronautical and mechanical engineers are in huge demand. Salaries for aeronautical engineers starts anywhere from 8-10 lakhs per annum and there is no looking back!

Airport Management –

As the proposal for many new airports has been approved, there’s going to be many job opportunities in Airport management. Not only in the new airports, bus as the traffic is increasing, the existent airports will also require more managers for efficient operation.

Fresher aspirants from BBA, MBA, or can apply for the posts and will require passing a test to be appointed for the job. A lucrative salary attracts many aspirants to this job profile.

Ground Crew –

It’s not only the pilots and engineers who run the aviation industry. Equally important, if not more, is the ground crew which takes care of the thousand other things that needs to be looked
after before a flight takes off. Anyone graduate looking for fresher jobs in India must apply for the exam conducted to hire people for ground crew. The pay is handsome and there are ample opportunities to grow. You can consider opportunities like these for fresher jobs in aviation.

Security officers –

Security officers make sure that the flight is fit to fly. Other than this, there are many other duties before takeoff that make their job important to the industry. Any fresh graduates with an NCC certificate can apply for fresher jobs as aviation security officers.

Basically, graduates from almost any stream can apply for one or the other jobs in the aviation industry. You just need to have the right information and path to enter the industry. Skill assessments, however, like the AMCAT Test are recommended, as they seamlessly tie-in with entrance examinations you may face while seeking admissions for courses that can help you for these jobs (See our Aviation colleges and Courses list here).