Things in your First Job which make you hit the panic button

Things in your First Job which make you hit the panic button

Aaaaaaaaaa...!! (medifee)

Life is dandy when you miss out while day dreaming! Reality, they say is crisp and much demanding. Salad days of your life are actually over when you really get up in the morning to head toward your office. Gone are the lovely college days. While some of the humans are nonchalant about this transition, some of us can’t help but fear that the devil is after them. First Jobs often make us have pangs of agony and bouts of frenzy– even when the happenings are completely unrelated! But failure in understanding and eventually accepting the change makes most of us hit the panic button.

Let us read which First Job situation can make you go cray cray.  

1. The Food Situation

Yes, it is a situation and that is why you are dealing with it. Food fuels your human body, duh! Food which was once a source of joy, your first job makes it a source of pain. Most of the freshers are struggling with their Culinary Demon- every. freaking. day. You fret getting up in the morning because Mommy is not there with a plate of breakfast. Hostel’s mess seems to be the La-la- land that you can’t stop thinking about.

But, don’t you worry child. It is just a phase and phases fade away. Do NOT freak out because one day you will be able to whip that omelette just fine! 🙂

2. The Unscheduled Schedules

Who on this planet doesn’t hate alarm clocks? Well, the important question is who invented those! And for what! Again, gone are the days when you could get up when you liked. NOW, you have a first job to go to. For people who have always had troubles in waking up and then leading the life, this first job period is a menace. You always struggle to get up early and follow a proper morning routine. You boss gives you threats and demeaning comments and yes, there you go thumping on that red hot panic button.

But, you know what? Get yourself straightened and wake up on time. You need to accept that you are an adult now, so behave like one. That’s the only solution. :/

3. Dealing with Life In, Out, and Within Office

You must have imagined that your first job will be all flouncy and your time at the office will be a trip to Unicorn Island. You thought you will give out the productive/dedicated/best employee to be vibes. Well, all of us did. And all of us came terms to our epic delusion. College is fancy, Office is not. Well, that is why you graduated! Life just upped your torture. 😛

But, worry not. When you find a way to sink into the office and work culture, you will adore this life as well. So much that your first job will be your career anchor. 🙂

4. The Detachment

WE all have hit or are still hitting or will definitely hit that panic button when you find yourself to getting detached with your fellow hoomans. And it does affect you- unless you are a cat! You find yourself limiting the time you spend with your college buddies on calls or in person. You purposely put your phone on airplane mode because that’s the escape you get on most of the nights. Suddenly you do not care about most of the people because all you can think about is scoring some food without cooking it and gaining kilos on that waist!

Hey! Please do not panic. And please remember to not let yourself dive too much into this detachment. People who love you need you and vice versa.

5. Social Scarcity

Your life is now getting spent in doing what your job demands. And boy, that is too demanding! When you find yourself panicking because you do not get the time and/or the energy to socialise because everything walks in haste. Your weekdays lurk around for what it seems to be an eternity and your weekends perform a drive-by. And then, here you are pushing the wrong button!

But, again it is abso-totally to panic! Keep in mind to never give up. Just live a little, even if it means to panic a lot. 🙂

When you happen to agree with all the above, you are on fire, my fledgeling! But with time, you will learn how to adult. That is what everyone learns, eventually! So, it is all okay.

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