Career Tips | How to tackle these colleagues?

Career Tips | How to tackle these colleagues?

Career Tips
Tackle your work colleagues with these tips.

You have it made – job in hand and ready to move into a smooth career life ahead. And then you reach work and you meet your colleagues.

Work colleagues are your larger family – the people you would spend your time and energies with, through the day. Professionalism aside, you need to be careful in your conduct with them, even as you pick and choose whom you connect with wisely.

Here are the most common colleagues:

The Jibber-Jabber Queen

From the start of your shift till it comes to a tiring end, they have a jaw that just won’t stop moving. They will talk about work, life, world, universe and even parallel dimensions! Mr BlabberMouth just won’t shut up. The bad news is when they become a whiner as well!

TIP: At all costs avoid hanging out with them. That is the only way to avoid their tall-tales. Create code to alert your colleagues in the office whenever this person is around.

The Overly Committed

Some people give their 100 percent and it is a thing to appreciate. But some believe they are friggin limitless. The only Oxford word they are aware of is “OVER”. They will go beyond the human potential to do anything and everything. That too till the time you realise your patience is over. They will overdo their tasks to such brilliance that it makes you look like the corrupt one.

TIP: Don’t hope to be bitten by a spider and turn into a super human. Never dare to compare yourself to them. AVOID them.

The by-product of Nepotism

This employee is a result of favours. Favours that were done for family or friends– whichever. They landed on this designation because Uncle Joe wanted it.

TIP: Just close your eyes and count your own blessings. After all, hope is what runs this world.

The *This Means War* kind

This colleague probably lives a life of their past. Times when humans fought battles. This person believes in the concept of “everything is fair in love and war”. How so? They will go to any said limit to defeat you– even if you are not participating or fighting against them.

TIP: Just don’t stand in their way of anything. Avoid their wrath because remember “Ignorance was always bliss”.

The human version of tyranny

These humans are practically your boss’ evil clone. They will take matters (unrelated to them) into their own hands. They will boss you around so much that it gives your poor boss a run for their throne! They will nit pick your habits, work and anything they find odd.

TIP: Do not pay heed to their talks. Listen to them only if they are someone who also happens to be your friend (think about it).

Then comes the messy stuff packed in awesomeness- YOU. Be you, be cool. Just let life unfold on its own. Let us know your views in the comments.

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