The Right Body Language To Answer Basic Interview Questions

The Right Body Language To Answer Basic Interview Questions

You need to not just answer the interview questions correctly, but practice the right body language to nail it. Know what the right body language is...

Right body language to answer the job interview questions.
Right body language to answer the job interview questions.

Your body language says a lot when you are giving a job interview. It can scream for you, and tell the interviewer all that they need to know about you. Knowing the right answers, having a glittery resume won’t always get you the job and to stand out and make your presence felt, you need to perfect your body language and answer basic interview questions with ease and charm.

So, what is the right body language? Let’s find out…

Sit straight and all the way back

Grab the chair and plant yourself firmly on it. Instead of sitting on the edge, sit all the way, but be careful to not slouch or slump while you do so. Keep your chin up and look straight, don’t allow your back to rest on the back support.

However, care to not go too stiff or you will fail at playing confident.

Use hand guestures

When people are really nervous they ten to hide their hands or clasp them together. Some people go to the length of clasping their hands between their knees to keep them from shaking. Keeping your hands hidden can also make you seem distrustful.

Instead, go for something different. Open your palm, use hand gestures to make your point and you will appear more confident. An open hand and open gesture also signifies an openness to accept new ideas and be accepting and confident, this will make the employer trust you more.

Get that amazing strut

Work on your walk. From the moment you enter the arena to the way you answer the interview questions, to the moment you leave it, you should own the space with your confidence.

Pull your shoulder back, keep your chin in a straight line to the floor, take long strides and walk straight to the interviewer. Greet them with a smile or a formal handshake before taking your seat. Also maintain eye contact with the person involved and you will own the room from the moment you enter it.

Nod along

Nod your head when listening as this will ensure the interviewer that you are paying close attention. It will tell them you are understanding and enjoying the job interview and the interview questions thrown at you. And while you are doing that, don’t forget to maintain a steady eye contact.

Use these nonverbal cues to answer job interview questions and come out with confident and flying colours.

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