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How effective is the AMCAT test? What can you expect once you give the test? When will the job interview calls start flowing? Hear Preethi's story to find out.

Explaining frequent job changes during an interview can be one uphill task. However, if you know where to draw the attention of the recruiter and how to turn this particular "weakness" into "strength" then you will have the interview going your way.

In their recent episode of "Aap Ki Baat", Doordarshan talked about Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna, employability skills, and how Aspiring Minds is playing a vital role in making it a success.

Preparing for a fresher interview with an automobile company? Know which are the interview questions you must prepare for and how you should answer them.

What are your options once you give the AMCAT exam? How long would you have to wait for job interview calls? Read the success story of Mrudang to find all the answers.

Every year thousands of students give the AMCAT test. But how successful are they? This is the question we are asked pretty often. And,...

In this article we talk about common questions you can expect from a HR job interview and how you can answer these questions.

The art of crafting a perfect job resume starts with avoiding these silly resume mistakes that can very well cost you the job. So, know what these mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

Looking for high-paying fresher jobs which will help you make the right start and give your career the boost it needs to go far ahead in the right direction? Then grab this Business Analyst job in Gurgaon and start a new, rewarding journey.

"What are your strengths and weaknesses?" An interview question that has stumped many can be yours to master with these interview tips.

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