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  The thing about a job interview is that it has never been easy. Whether you’ve been interviewed a hundred times or never, you are...

Explaining low score during a fresher interview can be quite a task. After all, how do you explain to the recruiter that though you...

The job market is full of ups and downs and to win the race to the best job out there, you will need the help of AMCAT Premium and its three-in-one tools.

Getting a job and a good job at that can be an insanely huge deal. Add to that, a job that you would love...

How successful has the AMCAT exam been in getting the candidates the job of their choice and encouraging them on the path of success? Hear the story of Sanjay Kumar, who got a job with MindTree to find out about it!

Explaining frequent job changes during an interview can be one uphill task. However, if you know where to draw the attention of the recruiter and how to turn this particular "weakness" into "strength" then you will have the interview going your way.

Preparing for a fresher interview with an automobile company? Know which are the interview questions you must prepare for and how you should answer them.

"What are your strengths and weaknesses?" An interview question that has stumped many can be yours to master with these interview tips.

When most companies look for candidates who can work late in the hour or rotate shifts, know how you can handle such interview questions to decline politely (if you want) and still leave a good impression on the interviewer and get the job.

Want to be associated with a good brand name and make your way as a Software Engineer? Then apply for this job picked from our fresher jobs section.

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