Interview question: Answer to “What are your biggest strengths?”

Interview question: Answer to “What are your biggest strengths?”

Common Interview Question
Hows and whys of this common interview question.

The “what are your strengths” interview question is one of the most important and the most asked interview questions. Therefore, you should prepare an answer to it before going for the interview. Hence, here are the things you should know about this very common yet equally tricky interview question.

Why this job interview question?

Being a staple interview question, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Since most candidates don’t know how to answer this question properly, this is your chance to shine.

Moreover, most candidates take this question at its face value and make the mistake of handling it a little too lightly.

Although the question is easy, it takes some homework to crack it right. The candidates when facing this question, either answer it too arrogantly or too humbly. But the correct answer should show how you are self-aware and confident with a dash humbleness.

How to answer this interview question?

Back Your Skills Up

Every job role has its own set of skills that requires you to possess to consider your candidature. Hence, to make it to the end, you should highlight your skills for the job you have applied.

When answering this question, you should show your skills as your strengths. You can take a bit from both your hard skills and soft skills.

Incorporate Examples

When mentioning your strengths, try to accompany them with appropriate examples to show the recruiter how you have honed and developed those skills and abilities.

You can also talk about a few of your accomplishment/achievements. However, make sure that there is some truth to them.

Relevant To The Job

One of the most important aspects of this question is to be relevant to the job role. Mentioning strengths that have no connection to the role is useless for the recruiter.

For example, praising your artistic abilities when applying for a job of data analytics is not going to have a positive impact on your candidature. On the contrary, if you talk about how you know advanced level excel, that will back your candidature up.

Hence, it is important to mention skills that are relevant to the job role. You can get an idea about the required skills from the job description.

This is how you should form an answer to this surely asked interview question to increase your chances of bagging the job of your dreams and starting your career with a bang.