Campus Placements | Common FAQs from Undergrad students

Campus Placements | Common FAQs from Undergrad students

Ever wondered how recruiters at Campus Placements shortlist CVs, or what to write on your resume in place of project work? This and more in our FAQ blog!

Common FAQs that arise around campus placements.
Common FAQs that arise around campus placements.

Campus Recruiters are enigmatic people; students can just never completely understand what recruiters want! Our team often gets asked questions about what how campus placements work, what are the qualifications required and other related questions. We decided to speak to campus recruiters to get answers to some of the most pressing questions.

Campus Placement FAQs:

Here are the most common questions that we face when talking about the subject of campus placements and the answers that recruiters choose to give to them!

Qualifications and No Success:

Your chances at the interview are dependent on your performance here. Prepare and practice. (Prospect Personnel)
Your interview chances depend on your performance here. Prepare and practice. (Prospect Personnel)

I have several certifications and technical qualifications but unable to clear interviews?

Academic brilliance and technical expertise are at the core of your candidature. You need to have them in order to become eligible for your dream job.

However, what will set you apart and convince the recruiter to hire you are your communication skills and soft skills. Brush up on these skills and practise interview skills to clear your personal interviews.

Suitability for IT Jobs:

IT jobs might soon see a rise.
IT jobs might soon see a rise.

Are mechanical, civil and other core streams eligible for software jobs?

Yes, core engineering streams can apply for software jobs. Most companies skill and train their freshers in order to prepare them for their jobs.

However, if you are keen on a software job as a backup career then ensure that you have basic technical skills and knowledge about the latest software and technologies. Remember, you will be competing against students who are specialising in these subjects, so you need to be as accomplished as them.

The Internship Advantage:

Should you have internships under your belt?
Should you have internships under your belt?

Do internships matter in campus placements?

Yes, if students have internship experience on their resume it speaks volumes about their initiative and internal drive. If you have done an internship it means that you have put in those hours, and if you have done an internship alongside your college it has more impact.

This is because it means that you have been able to balance college and work. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and talent.

Do students with paid internships get higher offers in placements?

No, that’s not the case. Recruiters look at internship only through as a point of reference for work experience. They want to know how much a student has learned during an internship. What was their work profile and how much did they accomplish. They understand that most internships in India are unpaid and it is not a parameter for hiring.

Having internships on your fresher resume, however, is important. And if you are looking for some, we recommend a visit to our sister portal, LetsIntern.

Preparing for Campus Placements

Smile on - confidence and preparation are the pillars on which you can support your journey through campus placements. (Image ref: Odyssey Online)
Smile on – confidence and preparation are the pillars on which you can support your journey through campus placements. (Image ref: Odyssey Online)

How can I start the preparation, in my 3rd year of engineering?

The third year of engineering or the year prior to graduation is perfect for starting preparation for your campus placements. It’s the best time to understand what is required for placements and you can even take your seniors’ help since they will be on campus and going through placements themselves.

You can additionally read about how to prepare in these two pieces we have inked:

Adding Details to Your Resume:

Details you need to keep in mind when writing a content writer resume. (Image: Edumap)
Details you need to keep in mind when writing a resume. (Image: Edumap)

I didn’t build any extracurricular activities, what can I do now? Will I still be selected?

First of all understand that extracurricular give you an added edge, but it is not a prerequisite for placements. What recruiters are looking for is a technically sound person with good soft skills
and a great attitude.

You can focus on your academic background during interviews. Or you can start a virtual internship if you are short on time and focus on skills from that. You can also think of other activities like reading or any project work you have done. If you can showcase that you are capable of a job it doesn’t matter if you know football or not!

How important is project work? Can it be a break or make situation?

Many colleges require compulsory project work, however, students don’t take this seriously. Sometimes they get inspired by other project works, done by seniors or others and apply the same to their project work.

But come placement time, projects are the only thing that can save you in an interview.  Many technical interviews are centred over learnings from project work. So make sure you know your project work in and out. Ideally, you should have done a creative
project that excites you and shows all your skills.

The Recruiter’s Perspective:

Interview questions
Interview questions and Us (insperity)

Q. How are CVs shortlisted for campus recruitment?

CV shortlisting depends on various parameters and are unique to each company. One of the easiest way students are shortlisted is through an aptitude test like AMCAT.

Some of the other ways are through academic marks cut off or through other technical skill sets. Another layer of shortlisting could be based on internships, project work, extracurricular activities, awards etc.

Students who showcase a good mix of both are often shortlisted.

Q. Are there any sure shot certifications or courses that I can do for getting a job?

There is nothing guaranteed in the job market, least of all a course or certification! Yes, there are many institutes which promise 100% guarantee of placement but that doesn’t happen. It is true that certifications and courses will add value to your candidature but it also depends on where you have done the course and whether it is relevant to the job. You need to check off the rest of parameters like academics, technical knowledge, soft skills etc. There is no secret to hiring.

Q. Will AMCAT certification increase my chances?

AMCAT is an employability test and helps the recruiters value the employability skills of a job candidate. It covers core technical skills, aptitude skills as well as special subject skills. Many companies who list on the AMCAT portal require students to have a score. Students who give the AMCAT test can also publish their AMCAT scores and certificate on their LinkedIn profile which can help candidates in their job search. However, it is not a guarantee of a job.

If you have any more questions about campus recruitments, do comment your questions below and we will get them answered by campus recruiters. Follow our blog for more such advice and tips.

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