Career Development: Five Things You Should Not Say To Your Boss

Career Development: Five Things You Should Not Say To Your Boss

Here are some important career development tips on what not to say to your boss, ever. Keep these five things in mind to stay in the good books.

Career Development tips on things you should never ever day to your boss.
Career Development tips on things you should never ever day to your boss.

Your boss can be your biggest support or the biggest pain you ever encounter in your job. A lot of your boss’ mood can actually depend on how you behave or portray yourself at the job. If you are working hard and working smart, your boss will most likely love you. However, if you are saying these things then get ready to face the wrath of Boss dearest. To move ahead in your career and forge the path of career development, it is important to know what to never ever say to your boss.

I will quit if …

Threatening your boss and telling them you will quit if things don’t go your way paints you in the worst light possible. Making idle threats will actually put your job at risk and should not be made unless and untill you mean it and are ready to see it through. Not only such a statement put your job at risk as your boss will be on the lookout to replace you the first chance they get, it will also make you like a petulant child, ready to throw tantrums to get what he wants.

I need a raise

First of all, if you are working in a corporate environment you will know that your boss is not the one who handles how much you get paid, at least not directly. So, haggling your boss because you need a raise is highly stupid. And if you are throwing the emotional baggage at your boss that how you need a raise to support your family better or to move to a bigger house then you need to rethink your strategy.

Your boss should see you as an asset who deserves the raise. So, make your contribution count, let them speak for you before you ask your boss for a raise.

I am so bored

Want some career development advice? Never tell your boss you are bored. This statement in itself is so negative and your boss is not sitting in the office to entertain you. If you are bored work around your project, make it exciting and get the work done, for that is what is expected of you.

It is only human that you might get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Instead of making a statement like “I am bored” go and talk to your boss on how you can make your day more exciting.

My old boss used to do it this way

Your old boss might be great but that does not mean you need to sing their praise every chance you get. Having a healthy relationship with your previous boss is great but the moment you say that start comparing your new boss with the old or say something like how your old boss used to do it then you will surely dig a grave for your career.

I can’t do it

“Can’t” is not a word you want to throw around your boss if you want to stay on the right side of career development. If your boss asks you to do something, put your whole weight behind it. Of course, that does not mean you take up extra work or keep doing things you won’t want to do. However, saying can’t can ruin the effect. So, go for a more mature way of handling things. Say you need help understanding this or that you have something else on your plate and if your boss would want you to leave that work and handle this one.

Keep these things in mind on what you can and can’t say in the office and climb up the ladder of career development. And if you are already ready with effective career development tips but are still searching for the right job that will make your heart go la la la, then tune in to AMCAT. Apply for jobs in different areas, say IT jobs, select the location you want (jobs in Bangalore, jobs in Delhi) and get going.