Five Job Interview Mistakes You Might Be Making and How To Fix...

Five Job Interview Mistakes You Might Be Making and How To Fix Them

Know what the most common interview mistakes are and how you can avoid them.
Know what the most common interview mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

You just gave a job interview. It went well, or so you thought. Yet when the time came, someone else was selected over you. Have you ever been there? If yes, then you should be asking why. No not of the interviewer (though we are not against this either), but yourself. Why is it that someone with equal or lesser credentials bagged the job while you stood in the sideline being gloomy? What was the reason that you were not selected?

The reason might be closer at home than you think and you might be unconsciously making these interview mistakes.

Not making eye-contact

Making eye-contact in an interview is almost as important as answering the questions correctly. You might come across as untrustworthy and insecure if you fail to meet the eyes of the interviewer. The best way to avoid this would be to practice with a friend or an interactive online application like Mock-AI.


Touching your face, playing with your hair or shaking your leg might be signs of nervousness and the interviewer will see it as such. You will look under-confident and unprepared if you go all fidgety during an interview.

The solution to this issue is not keep still (that will look very unnatural). Instead, clasp your hands lightly under the table to keep them from going astray. Cross your legs to keep them from shaking.


Never, ever slouch in a job interview. That will destroy your whole personality in a jiffy and force the interviewer to question your ability to take on responsibilities. Slouching is a sure sign of under-confidence.

Straighten your back, keep your chin up, rest one arm gently on the chair and the other on your lap. Maintain an upright, confident and powerful persona to grab the job opportunity.

Not smiling

Don’t forget to smile when you are giving an interview. Interject your answers now and again with a confident smile. You don’t have to try and be all dazzling with a 440 mega watt smile, a tiny one will do the trick too. The key is to smile, as not smiling will make you seem low on confidence, unhappy, unfriendly and even angry.

Force yourself to smile. This is again something that can be practiced. Smiling will not only make you feel confident, but it will literally reduce anxiety and lower your blood pressure. Win win!

Crossed arms

Whatever you do, don’t cross your arms during a job interview. It will not just make you look un-comfortable and insecure; the interviewer might also see you as defensive, dishonest (to some degree) and anxious.

That is not the impression you want to make during an interview. Do you? So, keep your hands on your lap or lightly on the table. Gesticulate a little, but don’t overdo it. This will keep you from crossing your arms and make you seem more natural and confident.

Now you know a little about the common interview mistakes, but have you been guilty of them or are you guilty of other interview mistakes? How will you get to know? Simple, through Mock-AI. This intelligent sister of AMCAT has an interactive interface that gives you the space to give live interviews, record the whole process and then get a detailed feedback.

The questions asked in the interview are based on real interviews. However, it is the feedback which is the real catch as it pinpoints the times when you lost your nerve, didn’t smile, looked uncomfortable, were fidgety, and so on. Not only that, you will also receive tips and resources on how to improve your interview skills to do better next time.

You can then work on yourself and come back after a lag of a month (ideally) and take the test again and see how much you have improved. Cool, right?

So, fix your appointment with Mock AI, and search and grab the job you want.