Some Things You Should Never Say During A Job Interview

Some Things You Should Never Say During A Job Interview

While there are some things that you should say during a job interview, there are certain things that you should steer very clear of. What those things are? Find out...


Job interviewYou cannot afford to let your big mouth run with you during a job interview. Sometimes the things you say during a job interview can cost you your job offer. Is the same happening for you? Are you missing out on the spot because you have zero filter in your mouth?

It might be so. So, here is a list of a few things that you should never, ever say during a job interview.

How much does the job pay

Salary is one of the primary concerns and it is something that you should definitely discuss before you take up a job offer. However, how much does the job pay is not something that you talk about during the interview. Wait for it. Talk about in the final round before you leave or when you are granted a second interview.

If the employers like you and want you to be a part of the team then they will most likely have someone from the HR team talk to you about it before they finalize the proposition.

My previous boss was a…

You can fill in the blanks with any of the choicest words that suit your imagination. However, bad-mouthing your previous boss, especially in front of a prospective boss will not do you any good. It won’t recommend your position and you might end up not getting the job at all.

Talking badly about your boss or co-workers will make the hiring manager see you as someone who can be difficult to work with and whose loyalties can’t be trusted.

Tell me more about the company


If you are going for a job interview you should already know enough about the company and not ask the interviewer about it. Preparing for a job interview includes reading up on the company you are interviewing for. This will give you an insight of what is the company domain and what they might expect from you and it will also make you seem actually interested in the job profile.

Of Course, you can ask specific questions asking them to clarify something you might have read on the internet which you did not understand. But don’t dump everything on the interviewer without doing any homework yourself.

No, I don’t want to ask any question

Many a time, the interviewer might end the interview with a very tricky interview question, that is, “do you have any questions?” Now while this question might put you on the spot, saying know you don’t have any question or you don’t have any question might actually cost you your job.

Asking questions shows that you are interested in the profile. That you have done your research and are eager to learn more.


So, ready for your next job interview? Know what not to say and ace every interview. And for more help, you can always turn to Mock-AI and get some insightful knowledge on what you are doing wrong and how you can proceed to be interview ready.