IT Jobs face a fall – 24 percent drop in Fresher Jobs

IT Jobs face a fall – 24 percent drop in Fresher Jobs

Is the celebrated IT Boom now heading towards a sad doom? What goes up, must come down. Read on to know the current state of IT Jobs.

IT Jobs
IT Jobs facing a downfall (businesstech)
IT Jobs
IT Jobs facing a downfall (businesstech)

The year 2017 is witnessing a decrement in IT Jobs. Many IT professionals have been laid off. What comes as a surprise is a fall in the IT hiring stats. The software industry is smacked with a 24% sinking hiring in April 2017 in comparison to April 2016.

What’s the Scenario?

A recent Survey conducted by revealed the current situation. “The overall job market saw an 11% fall in new jobs, with IT-software industry most hit. IT-Software industry was hit the most with a 24% decline in hiring in April as compared to April 2016,” the Naukri Job Speak Index said.

The major hit was observed in metropolitans like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. Overall hiring has experienced a fall in telecom, BPO, insurance and construction sectors during April as compared to April 2016. Prominent industries like Construction and BPO/ITES witnessed a 10% and 12% sink, respectively, while banking saw an 11% hike in hiring during April 2017 as compared to April 2016. The index for Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru saw a downfall of 28 %, 18 %, 29 and 28 %, respectively, while Kolkata and Ahmedabad saw an increase of 10 % and 19 %, respectively, as compared to April 2016, the survey dictated.

Commenting on the survey report, V. Suresh, Chief Sales Officer, said, “As predicted earlier, the job market continues to be volatile and the Jobspeak index in April has shown a negative growth of 11% (YOY)Though major negative impact seems to be in sectors like IT/BPO/telecom/insurance and construction, there seems to be an air of caution across all sectors and this volatility is likely to continue for a few more months before the markets could move north again.” he stated.

The maximum number of new jobs (3% month-on-month) were offered in the 0-3 years category. Senior management hiring fell, with jobs for 13-16 years of experience witnessing a fall of 2% when compared with March 2017. While hiring in junior management remained perky, mid-management hiring (8-12 years of experience) witnessed a depression of 3 % during April.

In conclusion, IT Jobs for freshers are still at an optimistic front, but what will the experience IT professionals do? Only time can tell. Let us know your queries and views in the comments. You might also want to read:

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