Workplace Tips On How To Avoid Mistakes That Undermine You At Work

Workplace Tips On How To Avoid Mistakes That Undermine You At Work

Know these clever workplace tips on how to avoid mistakes that might be undermining you and your abilities at the workplace.

Workplace tips on how to avoid mistakes that can undermine you.
Workplace tips on how to avoid mistakes that can undermine you.

It is important to make all the right impressions, especially if you have just started a new job or are in your first job. However, sometimes you make mistakes at work without even realising it and that can seriously undermine you. And, while you can err all you want and call it as being only human, it is something that won’t go down well with other people working with you and make them double check your work. So, today we are here with important workplace tips on how to avoid such mistake/s.

Grammatical error

English is not the first language of India but it is important to have a good grip on it nevertheless, especially if you want to succeed in your job. With more and more people focusing on the correct usage of the language, any grammatical error can put you in a sticky spot.

If you send a mail saying,

“I will sent a mail of the contract by tomorrow.”

it doesn’t make sense. Does it?

The error, though it might be small can tell the people involved that you are not someone who pays attention to details and don’t have a sound command over the language and hence your communication skills can’t be trusted.

How to work on it

Figuring out where you are going wrong

Of course, the first step towards success would be to know where you are going wrong. Many a time we don’t even realise we are making mistakes unless someone else points it out and leaves us red-faced. So, the first step towards improvement and the priority on our workplace tips would be to understand your own mistakes. For that, you can take online tests like MyEnglish and figure out where you stand.

MyEnglish allows you to test your written and verbal communication skills and guides you on how to work on it for better results. And once you have worked on those mistakes, you can take the test again to judge your improvement.

Read and read and read

A great way to improve your English is to read as much as you can. Pick up a book and read. It might take some time, especially if you are a slow reader or not much of a reader but make sure you stick to the book. Give yourself 20 – 30 minutes every day to read and you will notice the change in your usage of the language.

Re-check your work

Before you hit the send button, take some time and proofread what you have written. Try to figure out the mistake and whether the sentence sounds correct or not. Throw it around in your head, does it sound correct to you? If yes, then go ahead. If no, then try to figure out where you went.

An important lesson that I learnt in school was that if a sentence sounds incomplete or wrong to you when you speak it to yourself then it is most likely that.

Ask for help

Ask your friends and colleagues for help. If you admit to your shortcomings instead of trying to hide it or defending it, then you will earn the respect of people around you. Tell them that you struggle with the language and ask them to guide you and help you when you make mistakes so that you can learn.

Asking for help will make you more accepting of your own shortcomings and leave the space open for you to improve on it.

These were our workplace tips on how to avoid mistakes that might undermine you at the workplace. You can add more of your own and get ready to have a dazzling career as you start with your new job.