What Is The AMCAT Exam And What Should You Know About It?

What Is The AMCAT Exam And What Should You Know About It?

What is the AMCAT exam all about? Should you invest in it? Which are the companies hiring through the AMCAT? Find all your answers here.

Why you need to give the AMCAT exam, today!
Why you need to give the AMCAT exam, today!

The AMCAT exam has changed the face of the job market and has seen new heights every day since its inception. Started off as a module to bring students and recruiters under one-roof. AMCAT today plays host to thousands of companies.

What is the AMCAT exam

AMCAT or Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test evaluates candidates on the basis of their core skills which includes reasoning skills, quantitative aptitude, English and technical skills. The technical module is different for each candidate and depends on the course or the subject they opt for.

AMCAT is an adaptive test. That means, it adapts itself according to your answers. Wrong answers will mean easier questions but lesser marks. While right answers will mean slightly tougher questions but you will have the chance to score more.

Who is eligible for the AMCAT exam

Any candidate with a graduate or a postgraduate degree is eligible for the test. Students who are still in the final year of their college are eligible for the AMCAT exam too and can make full use of it to bag the best of jobs.

What is the syllabus for it

The AMCAT Test is divided into four different modules. Of these three modules are same for each candidate, namely English, Logical Reasoning and Quant. The fourth module depends on the discretion of the candidate. For engineering students it will be different, for those with a degree in arts or those who are pursuing arts, it will be different.

Is the AMCAT exam only for engineers

No, the AMCAT exam is for everyone. The fourth module of the test is tailored such that it can adapt to everyone’s taste. Graduates and students from different backgrounds can give the test and make full use of the job opportunities available on the AMCAT jobs portal.

Which companies hire through the AMCAT

The AMCAT exam is recognised by over 700 companies. Some of the big names associated with AMCAT are, BYJU’s, Reliance Jio, Deloitte, Uber, Aricent, Quikr, and so on. If you want to know more about the companies that recognise the AMCAT exam and hire through the AMCAT then you can read Companies That Hire Through The AMCAT.

AMCAT is slowly and steadily spreading its branches and has launched 22 new certificates for you to pick from.

The newly launched AMCAT certificates and why you need them

Say you want to be a Backend Developer. You have the skills for it but are afraid that you won’t be able to stand out and above your competitors with similar skills. How do you cope with that or trump that? You bring a certificate that will be recognised by the companies and tell the hiring managers and recruiters that they should be investing in you.

The 22 new AMCAT certifications do just that for you and give you an edge. So, AMCAT certification, combined with a great resume and an impressive body language and interview skills can help you bag any job you desire.


  1. M mca student hu fresher hu .snvat exam me kitna score krun ki mujhe it component me job mil sake ..

  2. Hi Harshita,

    You are eligible for the amcat exam in this situation as well. However, you certainly will have to get all your backlogs cleared before getting appointed by any company, as you would officially be graduated only after that.

  3. Hi Ashish,

    Of course you are eligible; if you have completed your diploma. You can apply for the exam here

    All the best!

  4. I am a msc passout Student in biotechnology stream.. Passed on the year of 2009/- now I am working at Icici Bank.. Can I apply for dis exam

  5. Hello Parisamapti,

    We are glad that you have shown interest in giving the amcat exam. However, would like to inform you that this exam mainly caters to fresh graduates or those with a few months of work ex and looking for a better job opportunity. But, as they say, there’s no fixed time to start fresh. So, if you are willing to start your career all over again, then sure, you can appear for this exam.

    All the best!

  6. Hi Rachitha,

    Of course, you are eligible. However, you should consider this as your trial run, since companies only recruit candidates who have completed their degrees. Giving amcat in pre-final year is highly recommended as it provides that experience and exposure to students which helps them be well prepared for the next attempt in the final year, which would decide their career path.

    Alternatively, you can always use your amcat score for next year by simply extending your subscription. So, if you score great in your amcat this time, you won’t have to give it in your final year, and can use the same score to apply for jobs.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best!

  7. IAM an engineering student. What is the duration of AMCAT CERTIFICATE COURSE. Is that available in GUNTUR ANDHRA PRADESH.HOW to go about. Pl guide

  8. Hi Bhavna,

    Yes definitely. You can apply for a number of jobs related to masscom through amcat.

    all the best

  9. Hi Rohith,

    The duration of the course depends upon the type of course you are willing to take. Also, since all the course are online, they are available everywhere.


  10. Hi,I have completed my Btech in 2016 and did my PGP certification in Big Data Analytics course for 6 months.I am, a fresher and dont have work experience.Am i eligible for Data scientist or Data analyst role through AMCAT.

  11. Hi Charitha,

    Sure. You should certainly prepare and appear for the amcat exam. Your skill set is very much suitable to land you a job in this profile, and with a good amcat score, you may very well do.

    All the best

  12. Hi Ankita,
    You will have to schedule your amcat through myamcat home page. A center will be allocated to you along with time and date. You will have to appear for the exam there itself.

    All the best

  13. I have completed my B.E in Electronics and instrumentation engineering in 2014 and did my m.tech in Nanoscience and technology 2018 from Pondichery University. i just want to know that and am i eligible for this test.

  14. Hi sir, I completed my BE in electrical branch.I am interested in IT jobs. So whether I have write both electrical exam and programming exam. I am not interested to write electrical exam. I am in confusion help me.

  15. Hi Suresh,

    If your programming concepts are good, and you are confident that you’d be able to score high in programming module, then go for it. If finding a job in IT is your dream, then it’s necessary to appear for electrical paper; just because you did your engineering in it.

    All the best!

  16. Hello Muzaffer,

    Sure, you can. AMCAT offers subject specific modules for commerce streams as well, such as accounting/finance/operations/banking, etc.

    All the best!

  17. Hello sir
    I m post graduate in arts.Can I apply? And also want to know more about AMCAT.Can anyone help me?

  18. Hi Ramandeep,

    Most students, after completing their BA degree, either go for masters programme or prepare for govt. jobs. Not that you are not eligible to apply for the test, but it is more helpful for B.Tech, B.Com, and MBA students.

    All the best!

  19. I m in the 3rd yr of CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, so would it be helpful if I apply for AMCAT now or I also appmy in 4th year ?

  20. Hi Jayesh,

    We do encourage students in their pre-final year of graduation to take the amcat exam. It not only benefits them by providing the exposure to the exam, but also make them aware of what they should expect from the exam. Also, it works as a great feedback report for the candidates in the 3rd years, to know where they lacked, and then they can prepare better when they re-appear for the exam in final year.

    All the best!

  21. Hi Mr.Dronacharya,
    I have completed my B.tech in 2017 and did a BPO voice for a while last year and came to know about AMCAT Recently.
    Can I apply for Amcat? Can you suggest a good postition to apply because i as I’m from core branch and wants to join Software.

  22. I’m a physics post graduate from one of the best research Institute in India(TIFR) ,is amcat useful for me?

  23. Hi Rohit,

    AMCAT is useful for any candidate who has not been able to find a suitable job for themselves yet. Hope it helps you find one too. You can register for the test here

  24. Hi Emami,

    You can definitely apply for the amcat exam. You simply need to be prepared with your core subject concepts. All the best!