Fresher Jobs In Bangalore: Earn Upto 8 LPA As A Data Scientist

Fresher Jobs In Bangalore: Earn Upto 8 LPA As A Data Scientist

Here is our pick of the day from the jobs in Bangalore section. Grab it to become a Data Scientist and be a part of something exciting and fun...

Fresher jobs in Bangalore through AMCAT.
Fresher jobs in Bangalore through AMCAT.

Ready for fresher jobs in Bangalore? Hop on the AMCAT jobs wagon and grab this amazing, high-paying job with Prakshep. With this brilliant opportunity that will flair your creativity, you can be a Data Scientist and put all your knowledge to test.

Come, let us peep into what the company and the job profile is all about…

Company in focus

One of its kind Indian image intelligence company, Prakshep focuses on monitoring EARTH by using satellites and provides the information derived through it to the farmer network. Thorium, Prakshep’s SAP ICC certified solution works as a magic wand and can fulfill all location intelligence needs of its customer. To curate your needs and keep it crisp and fun, you can activate the Prakshep machine vision.

Who are they looking for

Prakshep is looking for someone with some experience in deploying and developing Caffe, Deep Water CNN/DNN/ANN/ML models or Tensorflow for primary image data in R or Python. If you have taken part in ILSVRC competitions, have achieved some particular milestone in solving problems with “very large image datasets” or participated in Kaggle competitions, then this job might be for you.

You should have also worked with pattern recognition and feature extraction algorithms or have some experience in deploying computer vision and image processing algorithms to be eligible for this job. Added knowledge of R, C++ and Python is a must.

Selection process

The selection process will be based on your AMCAT score and it will be followed by a face to face round of interview and a telephonic interview.

Here is a brief of the position for you

Job Responsibilities: Data Scientist

Education: B.Tech/B.E.

Work Experience: 0 – 1 Years

Salary: 3.5 – 8 LPA

Interested in the position or want to read up more on it? Click here to apply for it. You can apply for more such jobs in Bangalore or fresher jobs through the AMCAT jobs portal.