The Right Body Language To Answer Basic Interview Questions

The Right Body Language To Answer Basic Interview Questions

An interview is not just about answering the interview questions correctly but also about getting the body language right.

Are you answering the job interview questions the right way?
Are you answering the job interview questions the right way?

Getting ready for job interviews? Done with your basics? While it is important to go back to your base and get them cleared, it is equally important to master the right body language and nail the interview questions. While it is important to pay attention to what the interviewer might be saying before you answer it, your body language should also speak for you.

Your body language talks loud and clear and if you have no control over it, then you might end up saying things (non-verbally) which you would rather avoid saying. So, here are some right body languages for you to keep in mind while answering basic interview questions.

Chin up, shoulders straight

Keep your chin up, look straight ahead and don’t slouch when answering interview questions. You might find the need to melt into yourself, especially when you are bombarded with tough and trick questions, like why you left your first job or where do you see yourself five years down the line.

Remember that slouching and looking uncomfortable won’t earn you any points, but being open, accepting, confident will. So, answer the questions confidently, moulding the questions in your favour while sticking to the truth.

Maintain eye-contact

Look the interviewer in the eye while answering interview questions. You don’t have to look at the interviewer in a challenging or a threatening way, it is not an eye match that you have to win but maintain eye-contact to appear more confident.

If the interviewer asks you about yourself and instead of maintaining eye contact, you choose to look at your hands or at some point fixed behind the interviewer, then you will come across as untruthful. You want the interviewer to trust you enough to give you the job and it won’t happen if you give them nonverbal cues that you are untrustworthy.


Yes, smiling is very very important while answering a question. You cannot just throw your answers at the interviewer. To get the job you are eyeing, to stand out, you have to be happy in your skin and answer questions with a smiling confidence. If the interviewer asks to tell them a joke, do it with a little smile.

Talk about what makes you unique and a perfect fit for the job and interject your answer with smiles. However, take care to not overdo it or fake it. Anyone can tell a fake smile from a real one and you might look at little creepy and untrustworthy if you force your lips to open up and cheeks to dimple when you are far from feeling that way.

Learn to relax

Instead of going into the panic mode because the interviewer asked you about the last mistake you made, try to relax and handle it nicely. Don’t fidget or start shaking your leg nervously. Instead, take a deep breath, compose your thoughts and form your answer accordingly.

So, ready to nail the next job interview with these nonverbal cues? Go ahead and practice and work on some common interview questions before sitting for the interview. And if you are unsure of your own progress or if you want some added help to ensure that you know your strengths and weakness and how to handle questions properly, then check into Mock-AI.

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