Must Know Telephonic Interview Tips

Must Know Telephonic Interview Tips


telephonic interview tips


Telephonic interviews are still not as common and frequent as the face-to-face job interviews, but they are still pretty relevant. Many companies that have multiple hiring steps depend on the telephonic interview to select the right candidate.

As such, it is really important that you have a few telephonic interview tips up your sleeves and know how to conduct yourself through one effectively.



Telephonic interview tips – setting the stage


Dress up

One of the important telephonic interview tips to remember is to dress up for the interview. Yes, given that the interviewer cannot see you but that is no excuse for you to dress shabbily for a telephonic interview.

We often associate our mood with how we dress and vice-versa. So, it is not too hard to assume that how we dress during a job interview has a lot to do with how we conduct ourselves.

Dressing up for the telephonic interview will give you a sense of purpose and make the setting more formal and thus better for you.


Choose a location

Choose a location where you are least likely to be disturbed and will have an optimum network. The place you choose should be quite enough for you and the interviewer to hear each other properly.

Not just quite, you will also need a place that can help you keep calm or at least not make you anxious so that you can concentrate fully on the interviewer and the job interview.


Keep things handy

One of the most important telephonic interview tips but one which people often ignore is keeping their documents handy. You should not put yourself in a position to move around or hunt for things during an interview.

Therefore, keep your job resume and all your official documents handy. Also, keep a pen and a paper nearby in case you need to take notes. If you have done some research on the company and made notes, then keep your cheat sheets with you as you prepare for the telephonic interview.



Telephonic interview tips – what to do during the interview


Voice modulation

One of the most important telephonic interview tips that you must remember is to use voice modulation to your favor. A flat, dull voice cannot possibly excite the curiosity of the interviewer.

So, practice to bring more animation in your voice and use your voice to express unsaid emotions – eagerness, passion, zeal, etc. Effective voice modulation can really work in your favour during a job interview. So, practice making it perfect. And, to do so, opt for mock interview tools like Mock-AI.

Mock-AI, while it can help you prepare well for the face-to-face interview, can also teach you a trick or two about voice modulation. Also, since you get to give an interview in a simulated environment very similar to an actual interview, you also get introduced to common interview questions and how to best prepare for them.

With Mock-AI, you also get a chance to improve yourself as there are numerous study material and guides provided at the end to help you through.


Be confident

Someone once said that being right is mostly about confidence, and the same is true during a telephonic interview. While over-confidence will not serve you well here, confidence sure will.

The interviewer might try to confuse you to check how confident you are but stay firm on your stand, especially if you know you are correct. Don’t give up on yourself all too easily. Also, be confident in how you conduct yourself, that is, keep your voice steady, have some anecdotes up your sleeves to make your answer more interesting and don’t be flabbergasted by questions you don’t know the answer to.


Show enthusiasm and eagerness

Now no one is asking you to hop up and down in eagerness. However, you can ask questions about the job profile, the team and your role to show you are enthusiastic about the prospect and really looking forward to it.

Don’t be scared to dig in a little deeper to understand what is expected of you from the job. Also, make note of important points so that you can form your conversation accordingly.


Ask questions

One of the important telephonic interview tips or just interview tips to remember is that you don’t have to treat an interview like a one-sided conversation. In fact, you should also step up and engage the interviewer to do better and leave a more positive impression.

Asking questions is a great way to go about it and something that will really make the interviewer like you more or at least view you in a more positive light.

So, ask questions about the company, the profile, the office culture, etc. If you read something on the internet about the company that you could not understand very well, then ask questions on that.


Treat a telephonic interview like a face-to-face job interview

A telephonic interview is not very different from a face-to-face interview and as such the basis of the preparation stays the same. You still need to research well on the company, do your homework thoroughly, understand the company’s goals and have your own goals clear.

Also, you should be prepared well for the common interview questions and know how to answer them without sounding like you have mugged up the answer and maintaining a certain level of ease.



So, here were our telephonic interview tips to help you prepare for telephonic interviews better. Also, while it is important that you conduct yourself with ease and confidence during the interview, you also need to set the stage properly for it.

If your voice keeps breaking or if there is too much noise involved, then you might lose on building up a conversation with the interviewer and thus lose points.

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