10 Things You Must Do On The First Day Of Work

10 Things You Must Do On The First Day Of Work


first day of work


The first day of work is a rollercoaster of emotions no matter what stage of life you are in, whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate. But the feeling of getting into unknown territory is at its peak in your first job after graduation.

We have listed down the first job tips and advice that have worked for us so you can have a fantastic first day of work –

  1. Ensure all the essential hygiene factors are met – Hygiene factors are the things that you MUST do on your first day of work; there is no negotiation on that front at all. You need to dress up professionally, get to the office within the start time, and bring all the documents that are required for the HR to process your details in the office system.

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  1. Meet the manager and ask for expectations – This is one of the things that might happen on your first day of work without you pushing for it, but just in case your HR hasn’t specified make sure you go and meet your reporting manager. Also, find out your team and sit down with the manager and ask for what’s needed, to do the job well. Of course, this does not apply to IT jobs where you will be assigned projects at a later date.

  1. Bring a notebook and make notes – Start making notes of everything, from the WiFi password of the office to the organization structure. You might think there isn’t much to note on the first day of work, but it’s a habit you inculcate. Also, we don’t suggest you take this on the phone because you might end spending too much time on the phone and your co-workers might think you are distracted.

  1. Don’t be distracted and focus – Following up on the previous point, you need to learn how to start focusing on the work on hand on the first day of work. It’s not like college where you have multiple periods, breaks and, extra-curricular activities. Office can get boring! But don’t let that distract you and don’t start using your phone for social media. Use this time productively, read content related to your job profile, company and, industry.

  1. Find out how teams communicate – Every office has a way of communication, some use email, and other useful tools like slack, asana, trello etc. Find out how you are expected to communicate, get everything set up for you including email and other accounts. If you are to be given a laptop, get that done, don’t wait for someone to come and hand it over to you.

  1. Be eager to learn – Yes, the company hired you because you are a talented person who has the right skills. But at the same time, don’t become too overconfident! You are still a fresher and on your first day of work, be eager and interested to learn as much as you can. Don’t go about harping how you topped your college; it doesn’t mean much in the real world where work speaks higher than scores!

  1. Listen and observe around you – You must be wondering how to learn and who is going to teach you? Once you enter the work culture, no one sits you down and shows you! You start to learn by listening and observing the people around you. This is a habit you should begin to cultivating from the first day of work, pick up the right habits and the right culture, don’t pick on the weakest link of the office and start following them!

  1. Meet people and accept invitations – Most colleagues offer to take new employees on their first day of work to lunch or coffee, accept the invitation and make connections. It is good to have an internal network to depend upon, as they will give you a lot of informal information about how the company works and what to do.

  1. Keep an open mind – Following on the previous point, while you should connect with colleagues, don’t engage in gossip! You are new to the company, and there is a chance that people will try to get you biased and you don’t even have all the information to make an informed choice. At the same time, don’t judge people on the way they interact with you on the first day of work. Someone may be having a bad day or might take time to open up, give them time and then form your opinions.

  1. No shame in accepting help – If you take away just one thing from this list, let it be the fact that you should ask for help when you need it! A lot of freshers on the first day of work feel that they need to be on top of things, but you needn’t! Everyone understands it’s your first day and they will go out of their way to help you out. Don’t create more problems by assuming things, just ask for help and do the task the right way.



Do you things these first job tips were helpful? Are there any more tips that have worked for you on your first day of work? Let us know in the comments below and follow our blog for more career advice.

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