Common Interview Questions – Why Do You Want To Work With Us

Common Interview Questions – Why Do You Want To Work With Us


common interview questions


Interviews are easy when you’re on top of the interview preparation game. There are technical, skill, and personality-related questions. And amidst these are some straight off the rack – ‘the most common interview questions’.

These seemingly simple common interview questions are be carefully placed smart obstacles by the interviewer amidst an excellent job interview situation. The candidates often mistake it for some stupid question that has no real impact on your job interview. The truth, however, is that the most common interview questions are often the most twisted, layered and tricky ones.

It is almost frustrating and even insulting for the candidates to even think about such questions during the interview preparation.

Well, unlike other average job seekers, you will not fall prey to such conscious traps laid down by the employer. In this guide to the answer the most common yet important questions, we will try to figure out the answer for ‘Why do you want to work with us?’ or ‘why should we hire you?’ Read on.

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Why do interviewers ask this question?

We always think how can a question be so simple yet so layered? Well, about time we dissected the question to find out why it is such an inevitable part of a job interview. In order to knock the interviewer off his/her feet, you should locate the two important questions rolled into this one.

The question ‘Why do you want to work with us?’ is actually an unrevealed combination of;

‘why do you want to work for this company?’


‘why do you want this job?’

Without giving it a second thought, candidates dive into the interviewer’s lap with a half-baked, by-impressive and top-of-the-head answer. You must never answer this most common interview question in a blunt, honest and thoughtless way.

The employer essentially wants to know what piqued your interest in the company and job role. With this question, they want to determine if you would fit in at the company and if you would add value to their existing team.

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How to answer this question?

If you want this job, you better get this answer right. Think of the interview preparation you’ve done because this is your opportunity to showcase your knowledge.

Instead of giving a bland answer use this chance to show the employer how well you know about the company, culture and its values. You can wrap this up with a quick statement on what value your skills will add to this job profile.

At this moment you can springboard forward in the interview process by providing thoughtful, meaningful, intelligent and customized answers. You can draft this answer by researching through the company website, press coverage and your professional network.

Secondly, you should answer this common interview question in a manner that it shows you as the most perfect candidate with rightly aligned skills and qualities that can be used for company benefits. The answer should demonstrate how your career goals are synced with the organizational goals and how this position fits into your plan.

As from a personal point of you – think about it – whether this job is a stepping stone in your career or it’s a holding cell. Are you in it for the paycheck or the knowledge/learning? If you have difficulty framing the answer to the most common interview question, you can always look up to Mock AI.

It’s the ultimate interview preparation tool that can be used to practice mock interviews at your home. The tool uses artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to provide feedback regarding your body language, facial expression and voice modulation during the mock interview. The feedback report helps in improving future performance.


How Not To answer this question?

Simply make sure you are following these points;

– Don’t be straight-up honest.

– Don’t be too generic.

– Don’t speak out mugged up answers.

– Don’t go blank.

– Don’t be clueless.

– Don’t be wishy-washy.

– Don’t try to be funny. This is your one serious chance at securing the right job for you.

– Don’t ruin it by saying anything outside of the script you drafted during interview preparation.




Just remember that no question asked during an interview is meaningless; even if it sounds like. Take every question seriously. Listen to it carefully and understand the gravity of the question. And then form the best possible answer for it.

Go prepared for your job interview and take help from MockAI to be interview ready.

Good luck!

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