AMCAT Preparation Guide For MBA Freshers

AMCAT Preparation Guide For MBA Freshers


amcat preparation

MBA Freshers can easily ace their AMCAT Exam if they spend some time in AMCAT preparation. The AMCAT exam is just like a refresher of their knowledge and skills and after two years of the MBA course they are prepared to take up the challenge with ease!

If you are an MBA fresher looking for guidance to start your AMCAT preparation and get a score which would help you get a job interview, then you have come at the right place.

Here is a guide for MBA students for doing well in the AMCAT exam and getting a job –

AMCAT Preparation | Section-Wise

The compulsory section of AMCAT Exam

  • English, Quantitative Ability and Logical Ability

 This is the easiest part of AMCAT Preparation as it includes basic sections like English, Quantitative Ability, and Logical Ability. As MBA students you are already used to such aptitude tests as you have taken them during MBA admissions. But since it’s over last two years you have written any such tests, its best to get yourself prepared by taking mock AMCAT Exam. The best preparation tool for this is the PrepAMCAT tool which offers a simulation of the actual AMCAT exam. You can use it as a part of your AMCAT Preparation and take the exam at least once to become familiar with the format.

  • Information Gathering & Synthesis and Excel

This is an important part of the AMCAT exam, especially for management students. As MBAs, your main work is done on Microsoft Office products including Excel. Both these sections are highly related as they showcase your analytical and logical skills in a practical scenario. You need to be adept with the shortcuts and various functions of Excel. For the information gathering aspect, you need to be prepared with data interpretation.

  • Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory (AMPI)

This is critical especially to MBA students as this test is a personality assessment of the candidate and is often used in people-interaction and people-management roles. However, you cannot do any AMCAT preparation for this segment. This is purely based on how you are as a person and employee, you just need to use your gut instinct without trying to game it and put the morally or ethically right answer, the system can easily pick on irregularities in your answers!


The Optional sections of AMCAT Exam

MBA Students undergoing AMCAT Preparation have to pick up their specialization which is also the specialization they have chosen during their course. The AMCAT is offered in five modules which will indicate your expertise in a particular management specialization.

  • Banking & Financial Services

MBA students seeking roles in Banking and financial sector can choose this module. It is a 20-minutes segment with 27 questions and you will face questions about Investment and banking products as well as basic economics and taxation. A great score in this section in your AMCAT Exam will reflect well on your core basic understanding of the banking and finance industry.

  • Marketing

MBA students searching for sales and marketing jobs can take up this module. The segment has 24 questions in 20 minutes. AMCAT preparation for this module can include reading up on basic concepts of marketing, marketing research, advertising and brand management. You can refresh your entire syllabus by just going through the common test questions available in the Prep AMCAT tool.

  • Human Resources

Recruiters like to hire candidates with the HR score as they can effectively measure how well versed a student is with HR concepts. The AMCAT exam module for HR includes 22 questions and is for 25 minutes. You need to prepare for questions on Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare. The AMCAT tutorials will have sample questions on these topics.

  • Operations

The Operations module is a must pick for MBA students who are specialization in operations and are seeking jobs in the supply chain industry. The 20-minute module has just 15 questions and your AMCAT preparation should revolve around topics like planning and development, supply chain management and Quality Management.

  • Basic Statistics

This is fast becoming the most popular module as MBA students are choosing careers as Business consultants and Analysts. This is by far the longest module with 30 minutes and 20 questions. An excellent score in this module will assure the recruiter that you are really adept at statistical inference, exploratory analysis and probability.

Don’t worry too much about the AMCAT Preparation, as MBA students you are armed with a lot of knowledge and skills. You can simply refresh all this knowledge and do really well in your AMCAT exam. Let us know if you have any particular about the modules for Management students in the comments below.


  1. Hi,I am a MBA (HR) fresher can u help me in cracking amcat 2019 so that I can get good score and get a good job in mncs

  2. Hi,
    I had completed my MBA in finance in 2016. I am still unemployed. Will AMCAT still help me out to get a job?

  3. Hi Neha,

    Sure it will. There are a number of companies that accept MBA graduates on the basis of AMCAT score. All the best!

  4. I am a Sales Manager in a Real Estate firm. I am want to switch my job but in Marketing. How could I switch in proper Marketing. Please help me out.

  5. Hi Shreya,
    To switch your field, you will need some experience. We would suggest you start by doing some freelance work in marketing. You can also read up material on marketing and then take an online certification for the same. This will help the recruiter gain some confidence in you. You can check this out –

    All the best!