What Salary Package To Expect After Giving The AMCAT Exam

What Salary Package To Expect After Giving The AMCAT Exam


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Since its conception in 2008, AMCAT has only achieved new heights and guided hundreds and thousands of students towards better job opportunities.

The AMCAT exam has proven itself to be a completely unbiased platform, providing job opportunities to freshers purely on the basis of their skill-set.

Though AMCAT has proven itself time and again, an obvious question that arises in the mind of almost every candidate is – “what salary package to expect after giving the AMCAT exam?”

To answer this question, we will delve into what the AMCAT exam is all about, the selection process that various companies use and what package you can expect after the giving the AMCAT exam.


What is the AMCAT exam all about and who is eligible for it

The AMCAT exam is an adaptive test conducted by Aspiring Minds to best score your skill sets and connects you to the right recruiters. AMCAT acts as a broader umbrella for both recruiters and job seekers.

Since a large percentage of people connected with AMCAT is from the engineering background, many people assume that AMCAT is engineering specific. However, that is not so.

In fact, Aspiring Minds hosts the AMCAT exam for candidates from several academic backgrounds. This includes, but is not limited to – Human Resources, Banking and Financial service, Marketing, Operations, FMCG, and many more.

So, any candidate with a graduate or post-graduate degree are fully eligible for the exam. Not just that, even the students who are in the final year of their college can give the AMCAT and start applying for the jobs available on the AMCAT jobs portal.

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How do companies select candidates through AMCAT?

AMCAT hosts a lot of companies every month, with each having their own criteria and process of selection.

However, the general process is that companies have pre-defined criteria of what they want in a candidate. This criteria usually depends on the profile you are applying for.

Say you are applying for the position of a Sales Manager. Here your language, communication skills, and reasoning skills will be evaluated. That means, the focus will be on how much you scored in English and Logical Reasoning.

Furthermore, the company might even take another test, namely Svar (another offering by Aspiring Minds) to test your communication skills.

The same goes for when you are applying for the job of Software Engineer. Here the focus will be on your programming skills and a further test, called Automata can be conducted to test your coding abilities.

A good score in AMCAT can really open a truckload of opportunities for you. However, the best, yet the scariest thing about AMCAT is that while a good score is no sure shot guarantee of a great job, a bad score doesn’t mean you won’t find any nice job either.

The most important thing to understand here is that all depends on the requirements of the company, as does the salary being offered.


What package to expect after giving the AMCAT exam?

There is no wrong or right answer to this question, as the package varies completely on the company involved and the job role you are applying for.

There are big companies like Affairal that offer a package as high as 24 LPA and that too for fresher candidates. Reliance Jio too is known to offer really high packages.

Then there are job roles like that of Front-end Developer where a package of 11 LPA is no big deal. And, Android Developers can take home a package of 20 LPA.

The point here is that the highest and the lowest package may vary tremendously (24 LPA is not even among the highest packages being offered at the AMCAT jobs portal).

What package you can expect, depends completely on the company you are applying in and the position you are applying for.


The AMCAT exam is the best bet for anyone looking to make it big. Even at this moment, 150+ companies are looking to hire candidates within the next week and over 3 lac interview invites are sent to AMCAT candidates every year.

So, check out how to best prepare for the AMCAT exam and get ready to nail your dream job. Perfect your job resume, work on your interview skills and take home that perfect job


  1. I have got 95% in English,77% in reasoning,83% in programming,43% in mathematics.Can I get the interview call from MNCs for the position of software developer.

  2. Hi Sudhanshu,

    based on your score in programming, I am pretty hopeful that you can expect calls for the position of a software developer.

    All the best!

  3. I have got 98%ile in english,100%ile in aptitude and 67%ile in reasoning.I will graduate in 2019.Can i
    get interview calls from MNCs and any other company

  4. Hello Aritra,

    what about the subject domain module? Which one did you choose and how much did you score?

  5. hello…
    I have got 80.2% in English , 51.7% in computer programming , 63.6% in quantitative ability, 65.4% in logical abilty
    I am gonna be a graduate in 2019 ..can I get any interview calls …if so how can I know that??

  6. I have got 99.99%ile in semiconductor devices 95.9%ile in quantitative 72.57 in english and 39%ile in logical. I will graduate in 2019. Which companies should I apply for? and can I get a call from MNCs or any other company?

  7. Hello Pragya,

    Your scores are tremendous and you should surely expect calls from renowned companies soon.

    All the best!

  8. Hi Chandana,

    Your scores look decent so you should expect interview calls. You will be notified on your registered email ID about any job interview call. However, if you don’t get any calls for sometime, would recommend you to give the test again and try and score better.

    All the best

  9. Hi Prachi,

    You can, depending upon your amcat score in computer programming module. However, taking automata does adds a lot of value to your score and improves your chances of getting calls for software engineer profile jobs.

  10. I got 99.5, 99.9, 94.9, 94.5,95.5 percentile in English, Quantitative, Logical, Computer Programming and Computer Science respectively in March 2018. I have got various interview calls to date and am still getting a few but none that offers a package of considerable size. Is it reasonable to expect a package of over 8 LPA with my score?

  11. Hi Mayur,

    Your scores are pretty good. However, the salary offered also depends highly on the experience. The kind of salary package you are expecting is justified for candidates who have a significant amount of work experience in the field (5+ years) or are graduates from premium universities.

  12. What is exact process to get calls? After exam according score we will get calls or we have to apply for the job ?

  13. Hi Madhuri,

    On an average, a fresher software developer can expect a starting salary package of 3lakhs.

  14. You can apply for the jobs available on amcat jobs page, and should expect interview calls from companies, who deem your score fit, as well.

  15. I have got 65% in English ,26% in logical reasoning,88% in programming,99.16% in quant.Can I get the interview call from MNCs ?what companies i expect ?

  16. Hello Manindra,

    Your overall score looks at par, however, your score in logical reasoning is not really supportive. You can surely hang in there and wait to get interview calls. However, if you don’t get calls in a few weeks, it is advised that you retake the test and ensure not only over all good score but individual good score as well.

    All the best!

  17. Hello I have got 99.84 percentile in english 99.78 in maths 90 in reasoning and 90 in computer programming……….. Within how many day can I expect some interview calls and what salary package I can be offered

  18. Hello Monesh,

    Your scores are sparkling and you should certainly expect good number of interview calls soon. However, do remember that at times it may take a while before you receive your first call. So be a little patient and hang in there.

    All the best

  19. What is the starting package if i write amcat with optional subject banking and financial services… can i get enough jobs cals from finance field?… how many finance companies are available in amcat? Or jobs?…

  20. Hello Ram,

    Definitely! There are several job opportunities which come up through AMCAT in the finance sector.

  21. I am about to write the exam in aug2019 ..how was the opportunities for mechanical stream ?? And what is the starting salary