5 basic job search tips you tend to neglect most of the...

5 basic job search tips you tend to neglect most of the times


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A quick search for job search tips on the AMCAT blog will throw up a range of tips.

  • How to find jobs in college
  • How to find new jobs
  • How to find jobs online and offline
  • Finding jobs on campus and off-campus

The number of job search tips is simply mind-boggling!

In this crowd of tips, there is a chance that you might get overwhelmed and miss out on some basics!

To help you navigate this challenging phase of job search and to increase your chances at career success, we have listed out the five basic job search tips that you shouldn’t overlook –

  1. Keep an updated resume ready

One of the simplest job search tips to follow is to have a resume ready for your job applications. Students even act on it because it is the first step to finding a job after graduation. But what many of them miss on doing is updating the resume every few months. If you are lucky you will get a job within a month, but most students take time to find their first job after graduation.

They keep doing a lot of certifications, take exams like AMCAT and do several things to make their resume attractive, but in the end, never update it in time!

You should keep updating your resume as and when you do something resume-worthy and keep it ready to send your resume in a minute.

  1. Customize your resume to each job application

This is one of the job search tips that offer benefits multiple times for the effort put in. The first step to implementing this tip is by ensuring you fit the job role you are applying to.

A lot of times students send resume to each and every job hoping it will click, but it’s a bad strategy and you are just wasting time.

Once you are sure of the job role, pull out the job description on the job listing and start including keywords from it to put it on your resume. You can use Resume Buddy tool to customize and create an impressive resume.

  1. Keep a track of all your job leads 

Students think job search includes opening job portals every day and submitting resumes to the jobs they want! That kind of effort will not work out for you. One of the best job search tips you have to work upon is to organize your job search methodically.

What methodically means is that it should not be a mad rush to get the job. After applying to a company keep a track of it and learn more about it; in case a recruiter calls.

One of the most embarrassing things students do is when an interviewer calls and tells they are from ‘x company’, they react telling I don’t remember!

  1. Be active in your network

One of the job search tips given to students is to stay focused and not have distractions in the job search process. Students think they need to go in hibernation and just spend time on job portals and preparation. By doing so, you are missing out an important part of career success – networking.

Networking is included in the best job search tips and rightly so! Keep an updated LinkedIn profile, talk to your seniors and alumni, speak to your professors and connect with industry folk on industry portals. All this networking will likely get you your first job after graduation.

  1. Be interview prepared at all times

A common misconception that students have is they will prepare for the interview before the interview itself! There is no way you are going to improve your body language, communication skills and prepare for common interview questions within a few days!!

Put one of the most basic job search tips in implementation right away and start your interview preparation along with your job search. This will give you ample time to improve on your interview skills and make use of them when it matters the most.

You can use Mock AI, an interview preparation tool that will give you feedback on your interview technique and skills.



Did you miss out on using any of these basic job search tips while searching for a job? Tell us in the comments below and follow our blog for more tips on career success and finding a job after graduation.