Office Advice: What Your Boss Wants To Hear And What You’re Saying

Office Advice: What Your Boss Wants To Hear And What You’re Saying

Are you saying something else while your boss hears something else? Take this set of office advice to know how to communicate to your boss.

Office advice to help you get on with your boss.
Office advice to help you get on with your boss.

Communication issues with your boss? Do you think you cannot get anywhere with the person sitting on the boss’ chair? Maybe what you are communicating to your boss is at fault here. So, here is some office advice on what you are saying and what your boss wants to hear.

“This is not my job”

While it is understandable that you would not want to do anything not mentioned in your job profile, but an outright no that “this is not my job” does not sound right. If your boss is asking you to do something, then it should be done. So, even if you want to say no to it, you have to make it sound like you are saying yes.

“Not my fault”

If you make a mistake, accept it, own it, instead of shifting blame. When you say, it is not my fault, even though you might be involved in it in some way, you are shifting blame. Your boss might feel you are trying to point fingers at your other colleagues or HIM!

If you are not at fault then be polite about it, explain the matter carefully instead of indulging in “I”.

“I can’t stand so and so person.”

If you have any problem with any particular person, then that is your problem and your boss would not want you to drag it in the office environment. It is not your bosses task to break up spats or ask you to grow up. You will have to solve your differences on your own and your boss expects you to do as much.

You should be acting like an adult and not a juvenile who runs to the boss with every tiny issue.

“I’m too sick to work.”

If you are actually sick then by all means stay at home, especially if it is contagious. However, lying to your boss to get out of work can lang you in really deep troubles. Your boss expects you to be honest with them, and if you lie that you are on bed rest while your Facebook or Instagram posts say otherwise then you can might as well start packing your bag and moving jobs.

So, take this set of office advice and learn how to communicate with your boss effectively and be successful at your job.