How Can I Apply To Big Companies During Off-Campus Placements?

How Can I Apply To Big Companies During Off-Campus Placements?

Ready to score big during off-campus placements? Then know how to make the most of the off-campus season and get the job you so desire.

Be a part of big companies through off-campus placements
Be a part of big companies through off-campus placements

Did you have your heart set on campus placements but couldn’t get the result you expected or wanted? Not doing too well at campus placements can happen to anyone and there is nothing there for you to feel sad or depressed about. However, if you sit with your head in your hands doing nothing about it, then that is an issue. When you feel all is lost, there come off-campus placements to your rescue.

While it is more difficult to crack big companies during campus placements, off-campus placements can turn the tide in your favour.

Why are on-campus placements difficult to crack?

The motive of big companies to enter the arena of campus placements is to pick up the best students, both academically and skill wise. Moreover, they look for a blend of both. Therefore, toppers get a definite edge during these placement drives. But everyone can’t be an ‘A+’, can they?

But that doesn’t mean the doors to big companies are closed for you. Many of these companies conduct off-campus placements which are open to all. If you follow the right process and deal with it tactfully, you can land a job in one of the high profile companies you might have always aspired for.

The first step in this process is the application. It is very important to be serious and considerate about how you apply to big companies off-campus. You need to have a game plan on how you intend to move forward, create your resume and give the job interview.

So, here are a few points you need to strongly adhere to, to apply for off-campus placements in big companies.

Powerful Resume

Your resume holds more power than you generally fathom. Other than mechanical information, your resume reflects your candidature to a significant level. You need to ensure that your resume includes all, and only things relevant to the particular job you are applying for.

Other than that, you need to take care of industry keywords, grammar, and syntax. An error-free resume is imperative to avoid getting rejected at the very first inspection. Resume building tools, like Resume Buddy, can help you a lot when it comes to creating an error-free and effective job resume.

Here’s an all-inclusive guide on How to include keywords in your fresher resume to help you inculcate relevant keywords in your job resume.

Skill Certifications

If you didn’t get through on-campus placements due to low academic scores, you need to make up the void with something else while applying for off-campus placements. Skill certifications can be a great way to do that. To start with, list out skills which are relevant to your job requirements. You can then get an online or offline certification from trustworthy establishments.

Language command is something which is a pre-requisite in all kinds of jobs in India and outside. But having required language skills isn’t obvious to the employer just because you got your degree from an English medium institution. To ensure you make that first impression, you can get MyEnglish AMCAT certification and take one step further towards your dream job. Not only that, MyEnglish will also help you analyze your own command of the language and give you the space and the practice material to improve wherever required.

Not only that, there are other skill certifications that can help you a lot when you go looking for your dream job during off-campus placements. So, if you truly want to succeed, you should know all about the 5 skill certifications you should acquire in 2018.

Online Courses

The job market is getting more competitive than ever. And to make a mark among everyone else, you need to have something additional as well. As most of your competitors for the job will have same qualifications, you can consider increasing the value of your application by doing pertinent online courses.

The benefit of doing online courses is that you can choose your own hours for the classes and can do it simultaneously while searching for jobs. There are vast opportunities available too.

Co-curricular Achievements

It’s time that your co-curricular achievements bring more rewards. If you have participated and won co-curricular competitions at college and inter-college level, you can show them off in your resume and get further consideration on its basis.

But if you have too many of them, just mention the ones that really mean something and are relevant to the job profile. For example, if you are a software engineer, you can talk about your accolades in hackathons and coding challenges.


Well, that’s where your internships truly count. All those months of sacrificing your vacations weren’t for nothing. If you have good internships during your college years, you should definitely make it a point to highlight them.

If you don’t have meaningful internships to help you with your off-campus placements, you can consider doing an internship in a good company after your graduation. This will also increase the chances of you being offered a placement letter on the basis of your performance as an intern.

Additional Scores & Certifications

When companies visit on-campus, they do their prior research on how the scoring of the college is. They are therefore aware of the knowledge you possess on the basis of grades. But off-campus, there are so many colleges and it is difficult for the companies to know about the curriculum and marking scheme of all.

They don’t find it feasible to research for every other candidate. That’s where scores like AMCAT come to the rescue. It helps companies in judging candidates on a level basis. If your scores are good, there are high chances of you being shortlisted for a job. Getting an AMCAT certification, therefore, considerably increases your chances of getting a good job.

Click here to know about various AMCAT certifications.

Apply through Job Portals

Gone are the days when recruiters would spend days sorting through hard copies of applicant resumes. Now, with the aid of the internet and other mechanical devices, it is easier to go through thousands of job resumes in one go. And that’s why companies prefer advertising through job portals.

It might appear to you that dropping a resume at the office would be more impactful. But there is a high probability that it will get ignored along with other piles of papers. So, consider applying through popular job portals which are reliable and offer quality assurance.

Interview Preparation

Once your resume is selected, you need to work for the job interview. Make a list of common and tricky questions asked during interviews and prepare for their answers. The most important thing is to tailor your responses as per the requirement of the company.

Equally important is to hold irrelevant information. Read about 5 things not to reveal in your job interview, to understand the implications attached.

Applying to companies is no tricky mathematics but you need to know the basics. How you apply to these companies matter as the probability of being shortlisted varies significantly. Your application is the first impression you make on your recruiter and is vital to make the first cut.

Another important point is that it isn’t always compulsory to start your career with big companies. You can begin with a start-up and then apply to corporate giants. Start-ups provide you with a better learning environment as you work in a closed group and are directly responsible for tasks. This sort of guidance helps you further in your corporate jobs and helps you in shaping your career better.

So, these are a few ways in which you can make the best of off-campus placements and get the job you really really want. So, pull your socks up and get set to make the best of the off-campus opportunity.

If you have any doubts regarding placements and job searches, then you can drop a text in the comments section below.

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