Fresher Jobs | How to ace your first week at the office?

Fresher Jobs | How to ace your first week at the office?

Congratulations on having the job. Wondering how to ace your first week at the office? Read on to know the do(s) and don't(s) of fresher jobs.

first week at the office
Take hold of your first week at the office. (stafco)

Giddy up! It’s your first week at the office. Throw yourself a few thrills down your spine when you plan on how to ace your first base (job). No ambiguity that it is going to be overwhelming. Let us help you sail through. Read on to know a few tips and tricks to have a great first week at the office.

The ground rule is to BE ON TIME. Everything else is secondary and will fall into beautiful places. Below are 5 tips to take your first-week-at-the-office game to a pro level.

Be Mr SpongeBob Square Pants

First week at job
Be prepared. Absorb and learn. (elitestatic)

No, don’t quit your job and bake Krabby Patties, but be as absorbing as a sponge! Put yourself in a happy state of mind and take whatever comes your way. Don’t think or analyse too much in the first week. Just let it flow and let it go. Do not compare your first job to anyone else’s or as a matter of fact anything. Be happy, be successful.

Be interrogative about your fresher job

giphy (4)Ask and you shall receive– keep this as your agenda. Be as interrogative as you can. Do not hesitate to have queries but keep in mind that the office throng will welcome queries, not silly questions. Asking questions make you come off as an interested employee. Be mindful, be aware.

The Cliche- “First impression is the last one”


Keep in your mind that everyone in the office will take one day to analyse you, judge you and make opinions about you. And your first day is the day when you get mentally scrutinised. Use this to your advantage. How, do you ask? Whenever you get an opportunity to voice your opinions- do it! Whenever you have the chance to offer help- do it! Whenever you have the chance to interact with your colleagues- do it! Whenever you have the chance to leave first or stay last- do not do it. Your first week deeds will let everyone know what kind of an employee you are. Create an everlasting first impression.

Keep your boss updated

giphy (8)

Because you don’t get to be the boss’ pet on the first day itself, try to be around the Top Gun. Make sure your boss acknowledges you and your work. Keep your boss informed. Keep providing him/her with work related updates.

Tame your emotions

giphy (6)Fresher jobs might be an overwhelming change for some. Be prepared. Do not let your emotions drive you. Do not have any expectations. Plan your joining beforehand. Pick up the right clothes, the right shoes. And of course, the right mindset i.e positive. Collect and secure all the necessary documents you will need. Do no leave anything for the last moment. Strategize your joining and stay in the company.

Other than these, make sure you socialise enough in the office. For your first week in the office, take enough trips to the coffee machine or the cafeteria! This way, you can surely nail your first job!

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