Improve your employability skills the Sheldon Cooper way

Improve your employability skills the Sheldon Cooper way


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God makes sure each of his creation is pure beauty and filled with peculiarity, they say. Just imagine how will Dr Cooper react to this! As Dr Cooper is slated to receive his own spin-off show early next month, we explore how he can actually teach you a thing (or two) about getting the right jobs in India – by developing your own employability skills!

Who is Sheldon Cooper?

Let’s go back to the line we began on – ‘God makes sure each of his creation is pure beauty and filled with peculiarity’. Sheldon Cooper might just get into a cringe-worthy frenzy to logically fail this statement. Why? In his Sheldonopolis, there aren’t any gods or mystical powers. But Superman can definitely fly!

Sheldon Cooper is a beautiful irony. He is the geek. Despite being whip-smart, he lacks common sense. His superiority complex gets onto our nerves– no doubt. His quirks amuse us. His jibber- jabber is jaw dropping. Let us see how you can be in his spot and learn life lessons!

Be relentless in your pursuits

Sheldon Cooper happens to suffer from Obsessive- Compulsive personality disorder and damn, that boy is proud of it. He never missed a chance to portray his obsession with OCD! What inferior humans like us can learn from this is to be RELENTLESS. Be bold, be stubborn- for all the good things you want. Be unabating and success will be yours – in all dimensions and universe!

 Be focused on your goals

Shelly is a self-aware super(hu)man. He knows what he wants for breakfast every single day. He fixates rigidly on his bathroom rituals, laundry nights and even his dinner cuisines! What we can learn is one should be aware of their own self, their goals and aims. Not only this helps you figure out the purpose of your life but makes it lovable and fun!

Failure is always a part and parcel of life

Remember when our beloved prodigy failed in his life and ran away? Well, he just took a train trip. The chaos, the tangible situations made him freak out. This proves that this can happen to anyone. So, when you fall prey to the vicious circumstances, take a break and be back with a Big Bang!

Know yourself and appreciate it

Know yourself in and out. Learn to appreciate yourself. Give yourself a critical self-assessment, but be your best friend. Sheldon being the socially awkward man-child never needed people. Be like that. Be remotely concerned with your colleagues and their remarks. Remember how Sheldon fails to realise that he is being berated? Do that because it’s awesome sauce! Be ignorant to the negativity around you. Be indifferent to people who try to bring you down. Ignorance was always bliss.

Every Sheldon needs a Leonard

Even if Sheldon is a complete genius, we see him evolving for his own good– or his friends’ 😛 we can assume. Dr.Cooper would not have been what he is without Dr.Leonard because Leonard drove him to Caltech every day, every year. Sheldon loves his MeeMaw and Pop Pop– no compromises in that! Sheldon transformed from an annoying prick to a caring person who loves his friends and our beloved AMY. This implies, that even as self-reliance is important, having a grounding force, a family, a group of friends or a determined network is important to unravel the mysteries of life. 

Keep dreaming: Speak Klingon, talk to Prof. Proton

Never lose faith. NEVER. No matter how obnoxious it sounds, Sheldon lived his own fantasy. A successful scientist obsessing over comic books, Wil Wheaton, Leonard Nimoy (Hail Nimoy |o|) teaches us to pursue our dreams with utmost dedication. Even if it fails to make sense to others, live your fantasies– the Cooper way.

Hope these Sheldonian truths made sense to you. And if you are already on a BAZINGA track, explore more knowledge about these skills, self-assessments and more career tidbits in this vein, you could follow our blog and our newsletters.


  1. Hello, Its been a month since my I received my score. I have applied for accenture 3 times and still not invited for any interviews. I have completely updated my profile and my score is above 90 percentile in every section. I know this is wrong platform for queries, but please help me out.

  2. Hey Malatesh,

    Accenture is known for very stringent employment standards – it could be that there are other conditions in play here, including your college, their geographic restrictions or even individual scores on different modules.