8 Inadvertent Communication Mistakes To Avoid During A Job Interview

8 Inadvertent Communication Mistakes To Avoid During A Job Interview


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Job interviews are always stressful; it doesn’t matter whether it is your first job interview or your 100th! The best way to stay confident and do well is to find interview tips for the challenges you face and to start working on them.

Communication is an important section in job interviews and recruiters often give marks for this particular aspect of your personality.

While you know how to speak well, not all communication is verbal. Here are some unintentional communication mistakes you make that you should avoid in job interviews –


  1. Avoiding Eye Contact

Young graduate students are often stressed out and under confident during job interviews. You might feel conscious of being in the company of professionals, and avoid making eye contact with them. The first of the interview tips is to ensure you make eye contact with the person you are talking to. If there are more than two people, shift your attention to the person who is asking you the question.


  1. Poor sitting posture

One of the top interview tips for freshers is to maintain good body language during a personal interview. Your sitting posture is the clearest indication of confidence, as the most common problem students face is, they slouch or bend while sitting. You should sit straight and not lean on a table if you are faced directly opposite it.

If you are sitting informally on a couch or sofa, then keep your shoulders and arms down and don’t recline.


  1. Fidgeting and involuntary hand movements

Job interviews can get a little unnerving for a few, pushing them to lose control of their body behavior; such as, fidgeting and involuntary hand movements.

Common instances of fidgeting include playing with a pen or small objects on the table, cracking your knuckles, playing with finger rings etc. These small behaviours are instantly noticed by your interview as signs of tension.

One of the best ways to identify and improve on these mistakes, like your body posture, voice modulation, fidgeting, etc. is by taking the MockAI.

It is a tool that video records you in a mock interview. You can go back and see the recording to find out how you sit, talk, move, and you can improve on it.


  1. Biting your nails and other tics

Tics are essentially continuous habits that a person develops over time. You may notice tics like biting your nails, touching your face or pulling at your mustache or beard. While these are not even noticeable in regular life, in a closed interview setting they may become too visible. It might indicate stress and hence one of the mistakes you must try to keep in control during job interviews.

Stay strong and focus on the questions.


  1. Getting distracted

You can sit inside a closed room and prepare for your job interview but once you are in the interview room there will be many distractions. There may be noise in the room, one of the interviewers may keep walking out of the room, other people might be coming in, just too many things to take your attention away! Avoid this by focusing on the speaker and interviewer. Try to tune out other things and pay attention.


  1. Talking too much

Among the common interview tips you will hear is that you should speak well and get your point across. But sometimes you tend to take this seriously, consider it as a make or break situation and keep talking to convince the recruiter to hire you. This is a big mistake as you need to answer briefly, judge the reaction of the recruiter and then talk more. Most often the recruiter will only ask you to elaborate on certain points if they don’t then stop.

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  1. Not talking to the point

Many times, fresher students are misguided by seniors by giving their input for job interviews, such as, ‘keep talking something, and don’t be silent!’ The recruiter is not hiring you for a speaking role, unless they are! But most often they are evaluating your knowledge and comprehension skills. In such a scenario don’t make the mistake of talking whatever comes to your mind. Formulate the question in your mind and answer. You can be well prepared for this with the MockAI which will throw common questions about your chosen specialization.


  1. Not letting the interviewer finish speaking

Yes, you are very eager to get your point across, and the moment you notice something worrisome in the interview, you start to convince the interviewer why you should be hired. Even before they finish talking, you start talking about something else! This is really bad communication and should be avoided at all costs. So a top interview tip is to just really keep quiet and listen!

Now, have you started thinking about how many of these communication mistakes you tend to make in job interviews? Just follow the interview tips mentioned and you will at least have the communication segment sorted for your fresher job interviews! For more such interview tips for freshers follow our blog here.