Graduates in 2017 | 10 Tips to improve your Job Search on...

Graduates in 2017 | 10 Tips to improve your Job Search on LinkedIn

Read to know the 10 advices that you must listen to before searching jobs on linkedIn.


Job Search and LinkedInWhen you’re searching job, and even if you’re not currently seeking employment, LinkedIn is the one site you should be using to enhance your job search and boost your career prospects. The best way to do that is to make sure you are using the full power of LinkedIn to maximize your employment potential. Here are ten tips on optimizing your job hunting experience on LinkedIn:

Edit your Profile

The first step is to make sure your LinkedIn Profile is complete.  The more detailed your LinkedIn profile, the more chances you will have to be found and to be contacted. This is important because your profile is what you use to connect with people how you get found on LinkedIn.  Complete your LinkedIn profile as carefully as you write your resume and provide prospective employers with detailed information on your skills and experience.  If you’re currently unemployed, list your current position as “Open to opportunities”. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, sign-up.

Include a Photo

You can add a photo (a head shot is recommended) to your LinkedIn profile. Note that the photo can be no larger than 80×80 pixels.  Do make sure your photo represents the professional you, not the personal you, because LinkedIn is all about professional networking.

Professional Summary

The Professional Summary section of your profile is a good way to highlight your experience. Select an Industry, because recruiters often use that field to search. Don’t forget the Headline, because that’s right at the top of the page when someone views your profile. It’s your first chance to make a good impression.

Include Keywords and Skills

Include the keywords and skills from your resume in your profile. This will make it easier for your profile to be found in search results.

Contact Settings

Your contact settings let your connections (and hiring managers and recruiters) know your availability. Options includes: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, and reference requests. Even if you’re not actively seeking a new job, it’s important to be flexible, because you never know when an opportunity to good to pass up might come along.

Profile Website Links

The Links section of your profile is a good way to provide even more information to potential employers and to your contacts.  If you have blog or a personal website that is business related, include those links in the Links section of your profile.

LinkedIn Applications

LinkedIn Applications are a terrific way to share even more information in your profile. The blog applications enable users to feed their blog directly to their profile, so other LinkedIn users can see the most current posts automatically.

Your Public Profile

Don’t forget to make your profile public – that’s how the world can find it.  Also, customizing your URL will give you a link that’s easy to share.

Grow Your Network

Connect with other members and build your network. You can find connections you’ve worked with, done business with, went to school with, or are otherwise affiliated with. The more connections you have, the more opportunities you have, but don’t randomly connect with people you don’t know. The point is to connect with people you do know, so they can help you and vice versa.

Get Recommendations

To a potential employer, a LinkedIn recommendation is an opportunity to read a reference in advance. Having strong references can only help you when it comes to getting selected for an interview or for a job.  The best way to get recommendations is to give them, so take some time to write recommendations for your contacts and they will most likely reciprocate.

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