Don’t allow imposter syndrome affect your work- Complete Guide

Don’t allow imposter syndrome affect your work- Complete Guide


Are you constantly pondering how you got your dream job? Are you doubting yourself into thinking that you are not worthy of it? Do you think that you’re ineligible for triumph no matter how talented you may be? You are experiencing a hard time accepting your competence reaping phenomenal results out of your constant hard work.

Chances are that you are trapped by imposter syndrome. This situation has troubled many phenomenally talented individuals.

Don't allow imposter syndrome affect your work
Don’t allow imposter syndrome affect your work

Self-doubt slowly clouds one’s ability to give their 100% There are eminent examples of super-talents people going through a situation like this. Psychologists claim that imposter syndrome is plausible when people find themselves in uncommon situations. They feel so, while discovering their own path which for sure is full of uncertainties. However, there are many reasons associated to this. Therefore, here is detailed elucidation for you on how to curb the imposter syndrome to avoid it hamper your work.

What is Imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is a condition wherein an individual undergoes extreme inner tussle of constantly doubting their competence. Henceforth, it leads them to believing that they succeeded out of some fluke or luck.

It is a tricky situation, especially for the young professionals starting their career. Imposter may eventually lead to job stress which can further take drown one’s performance too. Psychologist reveal that women are likely to suffer from IS.

Circumstances wherein an individual often fall into the trap of this problem, is when they are undergoing some sort of transition. For example:-

i. When they get new job they always dreamt of,
ii. Promotion,
iii. Switching a job for better role, etcetera.

There can be instances leading to the imposter syndrome. However one thing is common in all the cases. It mostly happens when a person undergoes a transition phase in life.

Many may identify it with a sense of anxiety and tension. However, this syndrome has something more to it. While the former one is can be experienced in various facets where a person has nothing to with his personality. However in the latter one, a person is constantly under a judgement mode. They are constantly looking down on themselves refusing to accept their potentials.

Let it not affect you!
Let it not affect you!
Is Imposter syndrome affecting your work?

Downing in the thought of fraudulence would leave you nowhere. However, that’s how it feels when one is affected by IS. They aren’t doing it by choice.

Maureen Zappala expressed, “For years I thought Nasa hired me because they needed women.” 

Can you see how such an experienced and unimaginably intelligent person doubts herself? Maureen Zappala is an evident testimony of such scenario.

Effect of imposter syndrome on work:-

While one may conclude that such a problem may take one’s performance downhill. While that is partially right. However, it may not be true all the time. These individual are super smart in masquerading their inhibitions. Very often, their work is at par as well. However, IS happens to be an inner war. It is their inner voices which tips them down.

i. Low self-esteem,
ii. Lessens your productivity,
iii. In the pursuit of some imagined perfection, a person loses his/her authenticity,
iv. Unwarranted fear of things which do not exist,
v. Analysis Paralysis, etcetera.

How to overcome imposter syndrome?

Now once you are aware of the imposter situation, it is imperative to curb the same.

How to cope with Imposter Syndrome?
How to cope with Imposter Syndrome?

It is time to end the imposter cycle. Here’s how you can do so:-

i. Therapy/Professional Assistance

Seeking help makes you strong. Of course, seek a professional assistance if it is unmanageable. A good hearing can change your mindset. Also, professional guidance can give you a sure short prescription according to your personality.

Apart from that, here is a list of small changes which lead you create bigger impact:-

ii. Don’t underestimate you thought process

Many people think that what is wrong in thinking something. How will it impact others after all. With that notion as justification, they go on swirling in the loop of all kinds of thoughts which further damages the action they take. This further denigrates their environment and the cycle lead them from one point to the other forming a chain reaction in their ecosystem which is multiplies the damage.

iii. Change the content you consume

Yes it the dark truth of this age that you are being sold unrealistic goals and are pushed to hustle without focusing on your calling. It is like tricking you into doing something while you actually don’t do anything substantial. Therefore, choose raw  content which offers you genuine mentorship and a sense of growth. In this way, your ‘phone-time’ will transform into ‘productive-time’.

iv. Strengthen your strengths Mantra

You are already overthinking your abilities. Therefore, keep your weaknesses aside. For sometime write down your strengths and do all the activities which you are good at. Build communities on social media. Henceforth, you will in a way get validation for your robustness. Don’t forget that you don’t need validation. However, it helps in a transitory phase as you are already doubting yourself. So make use of that for sometime.

v. Establish a strong self-connection

When the roots are strong, you don’t have to worry about the tree.

Thus, this is call for you. Despite your talent and everything, you don’t share a great connection with yourself. This is precisely why, you are easy to breakdown.

No matter how strong the branches of the tree may be, it will fall if the roots aren’t firm.

Therefore, work on the cause instead of the result. Once, you have formed a deeper connection with yourself, you will fall into IS traps less often. Gradually it made even fade away like nothing happened. Thus, build your coping mechanism and trust your competence. While some of you may feel unqualified or unworthy despite delivering exceptional services. This will not only affect your career but will also limit you from offering your contribution for the growth of organizations and enterprises which may be genuinely needing your work.

Psychologists  say the smarter you are, the more you doubt yourself. However, that should not become the way you think. Also you are above that notion. So it is time to address this issue holistically. Now that you know about imposter syndrome, address it. If you know someone going through it, reassure them that it is fine and rise above this by building a strong foundation.

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