How To Improve English To Overcome This Ghost Of Corporate India

How To Improve English To Overcome This Ghost Of Corporate India


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India has more than 22 official languages yet corporate India wants you to focus on just one language – English. You have to improve English to access the career opportunities that come your way.

But, if you find yourself troubled in mastering English, know that you are not alone!

People from across the world face this issue. The key is to understand why English is important and how you can improve English to help shape your career.


Why is English critical in the corporate world?

Today, Indian companies work on a global platform. They do business with foreign companies and even have foreign subsidiaries across many countries.

Over the years English has evolved as a common language for all communication needs. This is why if you want to be competitive and stay relevant, you need to be able to communicate in English effortlessly. Here are a few situations where English is necessary;

  • Internal teamwork and coordination
  • External client and vendor communication
  • A common language for corporate communication like an advertisement
  • Communicating with international parties and using international products & services

In fact, some careers, such as client engagement, business development, and customer service roles need to have more fluency than other job roles.

Thus, you must overcome your English difficulties and improve English in order to have a successful corporate career both in India and abroad.


How to improve English communication?

  • Evaluate your current English level

The first step in improving your English skills is to understand where you stand currently.

You can use MyEnglish which is a unique test that evaluates your writing, speaking and listening skills. It assesses your grammar, content appropriateness, pronunciation and fluency.

The detailed 8 page report gives you an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses in English.

  • Learn where you make mistakes

The second step is to understand where your mistakes are so that you can improve on them.

You might think that you only have a problem with English speaking. But the cause may be that you are not listening properly and hence you cannot replicate the same in your conversation.

Or, you may not be fluent in writing English and hence it affects the overall English level.

You can do a self-evaluation or get the detailed report from MyEnglish to understand where these mistakes are taking place. Right from punctuation errors to sentence formation errors, the report gives a detailed feedback on every mistake.

  • Improve English based on the evaluation

Once you understand where your mistakes are, the next step is to improve on them. Reading, speaking and writing extensively with everyday practice is the key to improving English.

If you are struggling to find resources to learn English, you can refer to MyEnglish which will give you free resources. You can use these resources in tandem with your evaluation report to speed up your learning.

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  • Certify your progress

The only way to communicate your English proficiency, prior to an interview, is by getting yourself certified and including it on your resume.

Certifications will set you apart from your peers who will have to wait till the personal interview to display their skills.

The MyEnglish test comes with a certification of your English skills and can be included on your resume as well as LinkedIn profile. This will indicate that you understand the importance of English communication.


Spoken English is just like any other skill, it can be learned and improved upon with practice and dedication. The more you practice, the better you get at it! So don’t let the fear of English stop you from achieving your dreams.

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