Using MyEnglish: How To Make The Most Of It To Assess Yourself

Using MyEnglish: How To Make The Most Of It To Assess Yourself

MyEnglish is a brand new product offered by Aspiring Minds. Read this to learn how exactly it works. Make full use of it to improve your English.


It is a well-known fact that at present many graduates lag in their careers due to their poor employability quotient. Many job aspirants fail to nail their interviews because of poor communication skills. We have already spoken of the ways you can hike your employability by improving your soft skills. It is the time that you take serious measure. Now, we shall guide you on how to assess your communication skills in English. Assessing your English is vital as it portrays where you exactly stand and how far you can move ahead with your career.

This assessment occurs with a new offering from the Aspiring Minds stable, MyEnglish – a product geared towards English assessment and self-improvement.

How Can I Use MyEnglish?

MyEnglish uses a unique and comprehensive technique to question and assess written and spoken English. Driven by world-class research, MyEnglish provides a profound commitment to:

  • deliver professional excellence
  • provide opportunities to learn from your errors
  • develop work-life English skills
  • yield a detailed feedback report on each section

Step 1

Once you have registered yourself with MyEnglish, you will be provided with your login credentials on your registered e-mail id. You can then log in to the assessment anytime you want.

Step 2

The next step is to peruse through the test instructions carefully. This is followed by the writing section of MyEnglish. The writing section assesses your written English. This assessment comprises of one essay writing task which analyses and your grammar and sentence structure. The duration allowed to attempt this question is 25 minutes. Have a look at the demo.

Step 3

The second part of the test includes assessment for spoken English. This module evaluates your fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. It also gauges your listening proficiency, understanding and accuracy. The duration of this section is 30 minutes.

English Proficiency Report

The proficiency report is the most important aspect of this assessment tool. MyEnglish provides a comprehensive, in-depth, detailed judgement of your performance. Here is how MyEnglish estimates your performance.

You will get a score card which comprises of:

Writing Ability

This competency announces your ability to write a variety of text types, such as essays, reports and reviews.

Speaking Clarity

This competency assesses your ability to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations.

Listening Comprehension

This section assesses your ability to follow and understand a range of spoken materials, such as lectures, speeches and interviews.

For the Speaking Section:


MyEnglish analyses your speaking skills based on your delivery pace, style and tone. Moreover, you get a feedback along with personalised recommendations based on your performance.


The same is the case with this section, it provides analysis and suggestions to improve your articulation.

For the Listening Section: 

Spoken English Understanding

This module presents a detailed report on your listening capabilities and the ability to comprehend spoken English.

For the Writing Section:


The grammar score evaluates the degree of grammatical control (sentence formation, spelling errors, grammatical errors) in your response.


The content score defines the relevance and completeness of your response to the topic.

Apart from these 3 analyses, you also get a nuanced report comprising of:

  • Free Resources: where MyEnglish suggests educational resources that the candidate that use to improve their English in the areas needed.
  • Error Analysis: enlists grammatical, spelling, style and typographical errors.
  • Error Definition describes the kinds of errors the candidates have performed during the assessment.

Detailed Feedback Report

  • An 8-page detailed report
  • Know your scores on 12 different parameters
  • Acknowledge where to improve your Writing Skills
  • Acknowledge where to improve your Speaking Skills
  • Analyze your performance- where you were good, where you should improve
  • List of resources to improve your English

AMCAT Written English Proficiency Certificate
AMCAT certification: Earn recognition for your English writing ability with the help of Written English Proficiency certification.

Therefore, before the vital but invisible Hiring Funnel sits and filters your resume along with the n number of competitors, register with MyEnglish to have a happy fall into the selection pool!

So, try MyEnglish and see for yourself. Let us know your views and feedback in the comments.