5 Ways To Whet Your Vocabulary For Written And Spoken English

5 Ways To Whet Your Vocabulary For Written And Spoken English

The more you know about words, the more you learn new ones! Follow these ways to increase your vocabulary for Written And Spoken English.

rock your written and spoken English
rock your written and spoken English

Are you struggling with poor written And spoken English skills? Do you often find yourself stuck while conversing or writing in English? Worry not! Here are a few ways which you can use to whet your vocabulary for written And spoken English.

Read, read and read

Reading is the best exercise to hone your written and spoken English! Reading makes you alert and absorbs whatever your brain in comprehending. Keep an open mind and go binge on all those novels, texts, newspapers etc.

One day at a time

This is a very popular way to expand your vocabulary. Several companies use this on their websites and even have developed apps for it. You can have the words emailed to you or pop up on your smartphone. It’s a great way to expose yourself to new words and start using them each day. don’t refrain from sharing these new words with your friends and family!

Not only that, you can create your own: a list of new words and put each word on an index card. Set a new card each day where you can see it. Include pronunciation and definition. Try to use it throughout the day. Or you could go digital! Use flashcards on your cellphones. To make it more fun and challenging, some people try to write a short story or scene using the word.

Keep a notebook handy

This can be a fun way to learn new words especially if you are a list person. Keeping a notebook as you read is a great way to jot down passages and unique words. This is a great resource if you want to use the word a day method. Pull from these notebooks to really challenge yourself. It’s also fun to look back over these notebooks and see what words you have acquired into your daily vocabulary.

Make conversations

Another sure shot way to hone your written and spoken English is to incorporate your learnings from every day into your conversations every day! Surround yourself with people with whom you can converse and enjoy your written and spoken English.

Get addicted to Scrabble

This is one of the most ultimate in word games. You have to come up with words based on the letters you have in your possession and from those already formed on the board. Try to use your new words as you play this game. If you are wanting to play this game on a tournament level, the words you use have to be found in the official Scrabble dictionary, but if you are doing it for fun, try new words that both you and your playing partner can agree upon. Or you may try some other games like crosswords.