Fresher Jobs | What does a Social Media Executive do?

Fresher Jobs | What does a Social Media Executive do?

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Fresher Jobs: Social Media Executive(northeastern)

In this digital decade, everyone wants everything delivered to them condensed and easy. Social media comes handy when we talk about the branding of products and services the digital way because it is the quickest way to reach myriads of an audience.

The content you find posted on any digital portal is handled by a human called as Social Media Executive. A social media executive is responsible for scribbling the content, design the pictorials/ graphics/ imageries/ info-graphics and present in a user-friendly way. The content shall be unique and in the best interest of the company he is working for. Let’s explore the job responsibilities of this key profile in Fresher Jobs.

The role of a Social Media Executive

Fresher Jobs
Social Media Executive job responsibilities (buildingabetterbrandonline)

A Social Media Executive designs and manages content on various social media platforms that readily engages and then sustains the targeted audience.

Social Media Executive Job Duties:

  • Oversee all company social media accounts- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.
  • Develop engaging, creative, innovative content for regularly scheduled posts, which enlighten audiences and promote brand-focused messages
  • Coordinate social media messaging with advertising departments, brand managers, and quarterly or seasonal company goals
  • Manage social media team members, including copywriters and other content creators, by overseeing their work and offering guidance or direction
  • Audit and analyse social media presences, including digital advertising costs and returns
  • Analyse social media campaigns with tracking systems to gather visitor data and determine efficacy and areas for social media campaign improvement
  • Interview hires and train social media team members
  • Work with other departments to develop social media timelines coinciding with new product releases, ad campaigns, or other brand messages
  • Monitor and develop reports on competitor activity within social media spaces
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Job skills and competencies required

Fresher Jobs
Do you have what it takes to manage Social Media? (twimg)

Anyone can start with this amazing career option. The only pre- requisite is to have a knack for creating interesting content. One needs to learn the digital ways of content and media. For that one can achieve a degree in Social Media or Digital Marketing.

You need to possess:

  • Degree in Marketing
  •  Extensive Knowledge of Social Media Platforms
  • Web Proficiency
  • Computer Software Proficiency
  • Team Management Experience
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting and Content Creation
  • Public Relations
  • Brand Marketing Experience
  • Proofreading and Editing Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Customer Service Skills

Well, these are the nuances of one of the most desirable Fresher Jobs these days i.e Social Media Executive. Let us know what are your views in the comments. You might also want to read:

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