Fresher Jobs | 3 Steps To Find The Career You Love

Fresher Jobs | 3 Steps To Find The Career You Love

Find out how as a baby bird you can find your calling before you start with Fresher Jobs. Success is not a matter of luck or destiny.

Fresher Jobs
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What if there was no money? Would you ever go to an office? If the fresher jobs are not just about money, what’s your take on them? I personally can not sit idle, mentally. In our country, everything for you is decided by someone else– mostly. “Unluckily” that wasn’t my case. I chose to pursue Architecture and then I just couldn’t do it. That’s why I chose to derail from my career path. Although I have a piece of paper which stamps me as a graduate, I found ways to do what I love; writing.

1. Identify, Acknowledge Your Wants

Answer this out loud “what exactly do you want”? Is it the thrill? Do you wish to make this world a better place? Are you all about that miniature yet meaningful contribution toward something? Is it about the moolah? Is it about vacations? Or is it because “they said so”? Whatever your career is about, if it is not for the self, please do not pursue it. Many of you would like to point out about the fact that not everyone is “privileged”. I agree, but if you struggle with the thing that ultimately brings peace to yourself, you will never be disheartened. What you have to be smart about is the acknowledgment of an opportunity and finding the ways to relentlessly go for it.

2. Make Your Own Decisions

I have seen very few people who hold themselves responsible for the decisions they make for themselves. I believe it is very important for each one of us to understand that it is us who we are always going to live with. Your mind is your life-long companion. Try to please that companion. Rest everything will follow. Decide what makes you go gaga and pursue it. In this decade which is all about startups and innovative business strategies, what do you think can’t be done for a commercial success?

3. Accept Everyone Has A Different Story

With people having varying choices in everything, different approach towards life altogether, I think everyone has a peculiar case. Even when 2 students study the same course in the same class, they are never bound to end up the same way. Someone might get a fresher job for lacs and someone might be able to churn thousands only. Everything is situational and all about the number of efforts you put on time.

I do not think scoring jobs or success in careers is a matter of luck. They say you can’t expect a fish to climb trees and then call it incapable. Every human is capable, you just have to find your fit.

Any queries and views are welcome in the comments. Stay tuned for more career tips.