5 Tips To Beat The Monday Blues: First Job Tips

5 Tips To Beat The Monday Blues: First Job Tips

Already tired of the "Khooni Monday"? Here are some first job tips that will help you beat Monday blues and lift up your mood.

Here is some Monday Motivation for you: First job tips
Here is some Monday Motivation for you: First job tips

Ready to drop down on your desk and doze off? Or feel irritated every time someone gives you some new work? Don’t worry we have got some Monday motivation for you to lift up your mood and help you fight those dreadful Monday blues. So, ready for some beat-the-blues first job tips?

Early to bed and early to rise

Yes Jack, early to bed and early to rise will definitely make you healthy, wealthy and wise and help you fight the Monday blues. So, hit the sack early on Sunday night so that you can get up early and get back to your routine on Monday.

Keep your Friday and Saturday nights for sleepovers or parties and keep your Sundays free to get back to the routine.

Dress up

Save your prettiest clothes for Monday. Wear red or any other bright colour that will instantly lift your mood up. Nothing makes you want to put your best foot forward like an amazing dress.

If you dress good, you will feel good. And beating the Monday blues is all about feeling good. Isn’t it?

So, try this one from our list of first job tips.

Say Cheese

Yes, yes it is hard to smile on a Monday but a smile can really lift up your mood. Even if you force yourself to stretch your muscles and flash that toothy smile, it will trigger the feel-good hormone and help you beat the Monday blues. Smile in the shower, greet your co-workers with a smile and just smile in general and you feel your stress level going down.

Listen to music

Plug in your earphones and listen to some music. Music has a way of lifting your mood up and prepping you up for the coming day like nothing else can. You can either listen to white noise or songs you can relate to.

White noise includes music or sound that can drown other voices without distracting you, such as classical music or noise of the nature such as running water or birds chirping.

You can also listen to sad songs as the study says that sad songs or videos have a cathartic effect on you and can help you vent out your emotions through other sources and feel better about yourself and your life.

Question Why

If you have tried everything and more that is mentioned in our list of first job tips, yet you cannot shake off the Monday blues or dread going to work then the time is here to question yourself about it. Are you in the right job? Are you getting the job satisfaction you have been seeking? Is your worth destroying your peace of mind over? If the answer you get is no, then move on. Browse through the job portals to find the job that you will love and which will love you back.

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