“Write Anything On The Paper”: Tricky Job Interview Questions #3

“Write Anything On The Paper”: Tricky Job Interview Questions #3

How to handle tricky job interview questions?
How to handle tricky job interview questions?

Finding the right job is a never ending test. First you search online through various job portals for one (healthy college placement cells are rare), you prepare a great, eye-catching resume and after all the hard-work you are put to another test. You are asked to give job interview, and oh such interviews.

Job interviews can be really tricky and if you cannot be enough prepared with friendly job interview tips to help you along.

Write anything on this blank piece of paper

This seems like one of those mean job interview tricks that the interviewer might play on you. Write anything? What can they possibly mean by that?

Writing anything on a piece of paper is not easy, simply because you might not know what and how to write. But, the catch is that you cannot sit blank, not for long at least. Take your time to think, but never give up, even if you don’t know the answer. Usually, the interviewer is trying to judge your presence of mind, how deep you can look into a problem and whether you can come with effective solutions or not. So, try to arrive at some conclusion and involve the interviewer in.

Handling such a tricky job interview question

The answer to such a question can sometimes be quite simple. The interviewer might actually be asking you to write ‘anything’. ANYTHING!

One way to handle such a question will be to look at the literal meaning of it and take the question at face value.

You can give a direct answer by simply writing the word ‘anything’ or you can ask the interviewer to clarify your doubts.

You can ask him what he wants, what he expects, or go about in a roundabout way to understand his or her requirements. If you don’t find any answer and then you can talk about your hopes for the future, your dreams and what you want to achieve. Don’t start with an I am this or I do that. That will be the surest way to fail the job interview.

Next time we will tell you how to sign your name on a blank piece of paper in a job interview. You can leave your thoughts or the questions that particularly bothered you during a job interview in the comments section below. We assure you that we will try and come with an effective solution to all your queries.

Till then, bye bye. Keep checking our AMCAT blog for more interview tips. You can also go through our AMCAT jobs portal and find the right fresher job or any other job of your choice.

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