Interview Tips: Know how to handle Tricky Interview Questions #2

Interview Tips: Know how to handle Tricky Interview Questions #2

Don't let tricky job interview questions throw you off balance. Know how to handle such questions with handy interview tips.

Keep interview tips up your sleeves and handle the trickiest questions.
Keep interview tips up your sleeves and handle the trickiest questions.

You might be fresh out of college, looking to make it big and prove your worth to the world. Or you might be someone who has just entered the “placement phase” of their life. Whoever you are, and whatever you are doing, if you are looking for a job or even job change, you know how interviews can decide your fate, and how important it is to have a few interview tips handy.

The interviewer will try to gauge you every time you open your mouth to answer a question in the interview. Even your body language can make or break your career. But, how can you keep calm and answer properly when trick questions are thrown at you?

What bugs you about teachers, coworkers or bosses

Questions about what bugs you about people or the last time you lost your temper can put you in a spot. This question in itself sounds so intimidating and if you are already scared and sweating, then threatening. You might think there can be no right answer to this question. What is he even trying to gather by asking you that?

While we cannot be sure of his intentions, we can speculate that by asking this question he wants to glean in to your personality and know how difficult or easy a worker you will prove to be.

Handy interview tips

Now, you can tell a flat out lie that you are a very sweet and amiable person. Every person gets angry over something or gets bugged and you and the interviewer both know that you are no super human. Instead take a round about way. Praise your former boss, talk good about your colleagues, your friends and you teachers. Say something like not getting work on time when doing a group activity bothers you, but don’t start by being snarky. It won’t get you anywhere and you might end up making a poor impression on the interviewer.

No one wants to hire someone who can potentially backbite about them.

How you talk about your former friends, boss, teacher or colleagues says more about you than about them.

Use the question to your advantage to enforce the idea that you are a hardworking persona who craves perfection. This will help you stand out and make the interviewer more confident about your candidature.

Enjoyed the interview tips? Stay tuned to gather more such tips, or read our AMCAT blog to know how to handle tricky interview questions, and look your confident best in a interview. If you have already messed up an interview, don’t worry, there is always a next time. There are plenty of jobs available at the AMCAT portal to help you through. You can search for fresher jobs or fresher jobs in Mumbai or Bangalore, however it suits you and find thousands of new job possibilities.