Top 5 tips to manage your Body Language at Interviews

Top 5 tips to manage your Body Language at Interviews


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Appearing for the first time for an interview can surely make you nervous! Make sure this nervousness doesn’t get reflected in your body language.

Body language communicates a lot of information about you, no matter what you speak. Employers pay attention to how you dress and behave during the interview process because they want to get a better sense about you as a person in general.

Key is to not to lose confidence and keep in mind the following points:

1.Good Posture: Take control of your posture, it will show the interviewer that you are prepared, professional, and confident. Sit straight in the chair and keep your head high as you walk. Don’t slouch in the chair while you are waiting, try to show your best behavior even when you think they are not watching.

2. Have a firm handshake but make sure you shake It – don’t Break It 🙂

A firm handshake symbolizes confidence.  A weak handshake will have a poor reflection on you and it may make people see you untrustworthy or unreliable. There is no need to crush the interviewer’s hand, but the handshake should be firm and show you are alive. 🙂 Practice your shake in advance with a friend or relative to know what feels right.

3. Make a strong eye contact and smile:

You can hold the interviewer attention by presenting a pleasant smile. Don’t try to force a smile. Your smile and eye-contact is what will make your interviewer engaged in the discussion and it can make you seem more friendly and likable. Simply look the interviewer in the eye while they are speaking and nod your head to acknowledge that you are listening to them. Aim to smile at least once or twice during the interview.

 4. Avoid Fidgeting:

Fidgeting displays nervousness and it can show a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Although you probably are nervous during the interview, it is best that you try your best not to show it. Do not tap your feet, play with your hair or nails, or rock in the chair before or during the interview.

5. Depart calmly:

At the end of the interview, gather your belongings calmly, rise smoothly, smile and nod your head. Shake hands with the hiring manager and the person who brought you to the interview space and depart calmly.

Keep these points in mind to ace your next interview!

Good Luck!