Top 5 TED talks on Career management

Top 5 TED talks on Career management


Ted talks keep us inspired and fill our minds with a lot of new ideas. We compiled a list of top 5 informative TED talks for career management to take you more closer to your dream job and give you insights on how to sustain the afterlife.

1. Larry Smith: Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career

Throughout his three-decade career at the University of Waterloo, Larry Smith has inspired legions of students to take up the mantle of economics with his passionate and homespun tales of economic wizardry. A renowned story-teller, teacher and youth leadership champion, Larry has also coached and mentored countless numbers of students on start-up business management and career development strategies.

Larry Smith presents his audience with a handful of unsettling realizations: hard work alone doesn’t equal success, personal relationships are no excuse for not taking a risk, and fear is the greatest roadblock on the way to a “great career.” Smith argues that passion, above all else, is the key to a fulfilling life. Have a look at his inspiring session.

2. Tim Clark: Say Goodbye to Career Planning

Tim says “career” is a verb and that every day you have the chance to change your life. Tim is an entrepreneur, trainer, author and former professor of business who leads the global personal business model movement at

3. Scott Dinsmore: How to find and do work you love

Scott Dinsmore’s mission is to change the world by helping people find what excites them and build a career around the work only they are capable of doing. He is a career change strategist whose demoralizing experience at a Fortune 500 job launched his quest to understand why 80% of adults hate the work they do, and more importantly, to identify what the other 20% were doing differently. His research led to experiences with thousands of employees and entrepreneurs from 158 countries.

4.Michael Litt : Why you have to fail to have a great career

This talk from Michael Litt is a follow up to Larry Smith’s TEDx presentation. Larry finishes his presentation with “You will fail to have a great career, unless…” and leaves it to us to define what unless means. Michael brings in a little more light and talks about the “Unless” and how failing can result into massive success.

5. Eugene Hennie: How to find your passion and inner awesomeness

Eugene Hennie describes himself as an ambitious, norm challenging, knowledge seeking, young professional. Born in New York City, he grew up in a fast paced environment. After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in business management, he moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in telecom. Not long after, he realized that his job was not giving him the adventure and excitement that he wanted from life.

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It is very important that you invest in your skill building activity and devout some more time to self-introspection to bring out a positive change. Get hired and succeed in your future career.

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