Why Should You Set Career Goals And How To Do It?

Why Should You Set Career Goals And How To Do It?


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“What’re your career goals?” You must have come across this question too many times.

But did you ever answer that honestly?

Sure, you have a script to impress the interviewer, but it is very much possible that your goals don’t even relate remotely to what you say.

Once you sit back and give some thought, career goals do matter a lot in your life.

It’s not just for letting others know what you are up to but doing it for yourself, to build a successful career.

If you need more reasons, here you go:

Why should you set career goals?

Helps you plan your journey better

Can you imagine walking down a road without anywhere particular to go? How would you decide whether to take the left or the right turn? How will you plan out your journey? Yes, it doesn’t sound much fun. Your career is the same!

You need to have a goal to make sure you can pave the way better. Once you have career goals, you will find ways to reach the goals and won’t just work pointlessly following the “Whatever comes in the way” attitude.


Promotes better time management

When you know what you need to achieve, you won’t waste your precious time in what won’t matter in a few years. More importantly, you will stay away from what won’t contribute in taking you closer to your aspiration.

The best of career tips does include time management as one of the most important things and when you have a well defined aim, you are inclined to manage your time much better than you would do otherwise.


Augments your self-worth

A direction-less work life can be destructive for your self-esteem. You don’t know where you are headed to and what life has in store for you.

You just go to work every day, do the given assignment, and get back home. There are no strings attached to what you are doing.

On the other hand, if you have set some career goals for you, you are putting your heart and mind into the work because you know it will take you closer to what you desire. It boosts your self-confidence and constantly reminds of your self-worth.

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Sometimes you know you need to have career goals but don’t know where to start. Here are some tips on how you can do it:

  1. Set realistic targets. It doesn’t mean that you undervalue yourself. Just find out the best you can do within a time frame and strive to achieve it.
  1. Your goals should be in sync with your interest, skills, and most importantly your already chosen career path. If you wish you deviate, it should be included as another challenge on the way.
  1. Don’t just end up with ambitions like “I want to be the CEO of the company.” It’s a dream, not a goal. But to make your dream true, you need to set goals which would take you there. For example, the first step can be a promotion to manager, second, a higher position, and so on.
  1. Write it down. It is important and it isn’t really motivating to just set objectives in your mind. It can be on the front page of your planner or pasted up somewhere in your home where you can be constantly reminded of it.



Everyone has career goals, just that not every individual identifies it on time. And that’s the biggest mistake they make. But for you, it’s not late. If you are a fresher, take the AMCAT exam to start off better and take your first step towards reaching your aim!