Top 10 common interview questions asked to experienced candidates

Top 10 common interview questions asked to experienced candidates

common interview questions

common interview questions


The best part about interview preparation is that there are a few common interview questions which you can rely on for sure. These questions are not a surprise, and the key to your interview success depends on answering them well.

Most common interview questions are similar for fresher and experienced candidates, but sometimes the experienced candidates also have a set of questions they are asked.

So, if you are an experienced candidate and looking out for your next job, here are the top common interview questions you should include in your interview preparation.


1. Why are you leaving your current job?

This is one of the common interview questions that are compulsorily asked from experienced candidates. It is important that you should not complain about your current job, instead give positive reasons like growth, challenging work or, better job profile.


2. What are you expecting in this new job?

Use this interview question appropriately as it can give the recruiter an idea of why you are there. Although, if you are only shifting to a new job for a higher salary, don’t mention it in the first interview! List out exciting things or real reasons like work-life balance, better growth, onsite opportunities, etc.


3. Why should we hire you?

This is one of the common interview questions that will definitely be asked. It is also similar to questions like what makes you different from other candidates or why should we hire you instead of others. Mention your job skills like soft skills and narrate incidents from the previous job that are suitable for the next role.


4. What was your greatest achievement at work?

Make the best use of the opportunity of answering this question because it gives you the right to boast about yourself! The best job interview tips we can give you is to list not just the best achievement but an achievement that will help you in the job role you are applying for.


5. You have spent too little time at this company, why? 

Many recruiters use this question to stress you out a bit and is one of the common interview questions asked. You need to be truthful and give a reason, however, don’t give reasons like I was bored, or I didn’t find another job. Always spin this positively in such a way that you tried your best whether you stayed for too long at a company or too little time.


6. Are you a team leader or team worker?

The best answer to this question is that you will do whatever it takes to finish the work on hand. You should narrate situations in your current job where you did both the role of a team leader as well as a team worker. You should be flexible and able to showcase it.


7. How did you handle a tough situation with a client or teammate?

You should practice for this question in your interview preparation as it among the important common interview questions. You should be clear that you did not get angry or irritated and handled the situation calmly. Where needed you involved the higher management and sorted it. Do not under any circumstances blame the client or teammate in the interview!


8. How do you like to approach your work?

This question is asked because interviewers want to know if you like to leave your work till the last minute or finish it as soon it comes to you. Do you like to plan a lot or do you start working and then plan. There is no right answer to this question and its best you give a truthful answer to it.


9. How do you handle criticism?

The moment ‘criticism’ is mentioned a lot of people become defensive, they say they have never been criticized! But, it’s not possible that anyone who has ever worked in an office is not criticized for their work. The best way to answer this is to keep calm and let them know you accept constructive criticism and try to learn and improve.


10. What do you think about work-life balance?

A lot of studies show that millennials love to have work-life balance and many recruiters take it in the wrong way. This is why it is one of the common interview questions in interviews today. You should mention that you do not shy away from hard work, but at the same time you believe in having a work-life balance to pursue other hobbies. Also, make sure you ask them how work-life is in the company and how much time they expect you to work.



Are there are any other common interview questions we missed listing here? Tell us in the comments below and check out Mock AI for its fabulous mock interview AI platform that gives you unbiased feedback on your interviewing skills.