Important Interview Tips – 5 Smart Ways To Handle A Rude Interviewer

Important Interview Tips – 5 Smart Ways To Handle A Rude Interviewer


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Whenever it comes to interview tips, the interviewee is advised to be professional and friendly in nature. But what when the interviewer himself fails to qualify the same?

If you are appearing for your fresher interview, it is better you know what might come up. Such interviewers too exist!

You will not always get friendly interviewers who make you feel comfortable. There are exact opposite ones as well. And you need to prepare yourself for it.

A rude interviewer can very much ruin things for you but not if you have already gone through some great job interview tips.

To give you a heads up, here are 5 smart ways to handle a rude interviewer:


Don’t copy their tone

While the urge to reply back in the exact sarcastic rude tone is too much, it isn’t the right way to deal with rude interviewers. It reflects a bad reputation and can directly put you on the rejected list.

To maintain poise can be difficult but you need to sail through it. Just stay calm and face the situation by being polite throughout.


Avoid miscommunications

Sometimes it isn’t from the starting that the interviewer is rude. A good interview guide tells you how an interview can take several courses depending on where the conversation is going.

So, it is possible that one of your answers triggered this rude behaviour in your interviewer.

If you detect it, immediately clear up the miscommunication by stating that you think they might have misinterpreted the information. Then continue by explaining what you really meant.

Also, you can politely apologize for not using the right words that created the confusion.


Divert or modify your answer

If the interviewer is clearly not satisfied and re-questions your techniques or ways of doing work, here’s one of the effective interview tips you can apply.

Do not argue that your concept works better. Just tell them that you understand that work culture is different everywhere and it takes a while to sync.

You can varnish it up by saying that you believe you can pick up the company culture quickly being a quick learner. Just add up a couple of soft skills that fit in the answer, without sounding too self-promoting.

If you are going for a fresher interview, it can be difficult to try it out directly in the interview room. Register for a MockAI and polish your interview skills before your face the real interviewer.


Watch what you say

Interviews with rude interviews can be difficult as it makes the entire conversation challenging. But maybe you are just being tested on how well you can handle pressure. In any case, weigh your words carefully.

The moment you realize your interviewer isn’t the fun or friendly kind, drop the jokes or friendly moments you created in your head. Take a while to answer but weigh your words before you say them.

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Quit – Protect your dignity

Sometimes the interview isn’t just rude but hostile. If your interviewer(s) are adamant about insulting you and won’t accept your politeness, it’s a sign. You aren’t looking for such a work environment where an individual’s dignity isn’t respected.

We don’t suggest you quit every time a rude interviewer comes up, but you need to draw a line. If you feel this isn’t the place you should be, just say you aren’t interested in the opportunity and leave.

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One of the important interview tips to remember is that tit for tat doesn’t work in such setups. Consider you have already lost the job if you do so.  Stay calm and handle the situation tactfully. Remember that you might need to modify a few answers that you might have prepared with a dash of wit.

You don’t judge a book by its cover. Similarly, if the session with the interviewer does not go well, it’s not a sign that the entire organization would be devilish with you.

During the company background research, if you find even the slightest of opportunity to learn something while working there, don’t give up on it.

Moreover, just reading interview tips won’t help as much as a mock interview to increase your confidence. So, take a free trial now and register yourself for a Mock-AI to evaluate your interview skills.